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Whether you are visiting NYC or a lifetime resident, you may be surprised to discover many of these Manhattan churches. The soaring steeples and bell ringing give prominence to many historic churches, but the last decade has seen many churches popping up in schools, theaters, music venues, and bars.

Historic churches we suggest include Grace Church or St. Malachy's. Apostle's Church, CityVine, and Dwell represent a contingent of newer churches (among many others).

Visitor Experiences

" Dear brethren We are group of believes in Nigeria, we need Bibles and books from you because many here cannot afford it. Please help us with Bibles, if possible you can help us with some funds because we are very hungry. Solomon "

Neighborhood Church of Greenwich Village in New York,NY 10014
Solomon Emmanuel . my email [email protected] at Neighborhood Church of Greenwich Village

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Erin O'Kane

Saint Joseph in Greenwich Village in New York,NY 10014
Saint Joseph in Greenwich Village

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What to Expect
What if I'm not a Christian?

  • Our church is "Jesus-centered" meaning that we welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about Jesus, regardless of if you'd call yourself a Christian or not. There are no insiders or outsiders here, just regular people going through life. We happen to believe Jesus has a lot to offer us personally and communally and are striving to understand more of his teachings and the implications that his life has for ours.
    City Grace Church in New York, NY
  • None of us are perfect, Christians especially. We just strive to be like Christ in all our ways. Jesus does not condemn us, so why should man?
    Holy Ghost Pentecostal Faith Church in New York, NY
  • You are welcome to attend our liturgies, listen to the Gospel, and pray and sing to whatever degree feels comfortable to you! You are also welcome to Bible Study and other classes as they are available. If you should desire to be baptized, just speak to our Pastor.
    Immanuel Lutheran Church in New York, NY
  • We are happy to have you join us as we worship Jesus Christ. If you plan to visit our church for the first time, we want you to feel as comfortable and as at-home as possible. Our house is your house and we are excited to share this time with you. We hope you experience the loving presence of Jesus Christ in a mighty way!
    Hopes Way in Bronx, NY

What Members Say
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  • This is one of my best church interms of mentorship, teachings and even there preaching has brought me closer to God. So i was willing to go and learn and even give youths teachings because am a yo...
    Roche Leslie in New York, NY
  • Glad tidings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Welcome to Uganda for Christ
    City Grace Church in New York, NY

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