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Whether you are visiting NYC or a lifetime resident, you may be surprised to discover many of these Manhattan churches. The soaring steeples and bell ringing give prominence to many historic churches, but the last decade has seen many churches popping up in schools, theaters, music venues, and bars.

Historic churches we suggest include Grace Church or St. Malachy's. Apostle's Church, CityVine, and Dwell represent a contingent of newer churches (among many others).

Visitor Experiences

"Almost 30 years a Brother name Michael tricked me into coming here. It was a Thrusday evening and I was I the worst place of my life. Yet when I arrived I was a bit nervous because it's been a long time. I haven been In a church in many years so I didn't know how to act. I was active in cocaine/ more"

Kelly Temple Church of God in Christ in New York,NY 10037
Jeffrey H Washington Sr at Kelly Temple Church of God in Christ

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Erin O'Kane

Saint Joseph in Greenwich Village in New York,NY 10014
Saint Joseph in Greenwich Village

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What to Expect
What if I'm not a Christian?

  • Our church is "Jesus-centered" meaning that we welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about Jesus, regardless of if you'd call yourself a Christian or not. There are no insiders or outsiders here, just regular people going through life. We happen to believe Jesus has a lot to offer us personally and communally and are striving to understand more of his teachings and the implications that his life has for ours.
    City Grace Church in New York, NY
  • You are welcome to our church! We would love for you to come and meet us. There are always people in our church who are seeking and we pray that our church can be a place where you safely explore God and experience Him in a powerful way.
    CityVine Church in New York, NY
  • We love all people and have many non-Christians that attend regularly. MCC is a great place to ask questions and seek answers about Christianity
    Manor Community Church in New York, NY
  • We'd love to meet you! Feel free to speak to one of our pastors with any questions you may have or inquire about community groups or social events to meet other people.
    Grace Faith Church in New York, NY

What Members Say
Recent Church Experiences

  • I would recommend asking the Treasurer for a breakdown of the donations would be going towards, and how much of the money being donated is actually going towards being reinvested into the bettermen...
    City Grace Church in New York, NY
  • I have been previously involved with this church for a number of years and based on my experience and observations attending City Grace Church and East Village Missional Community, and interactions...
    City Grace Church in New York, NY
  • I was previously involved with this church for several years until I decided to leave to take care of my ailing grandfather. Upon leaving, a Council member began harassing me and my family, began s...
    City Grace Church in New York, NY
  • To Christina Flores, I agree with "A Local Pastor." Please stop sending anonymous letters to my ministry badmouthing whoever Cokie is and the women he is supposedly sleeping with (your last letter ...
    Christ Crucified Fellowship in New York, NY
  • Dear Christina Flores, Please stop mailing anonymous letters to Churches in New York and New Jersey regarding this person Cokie Rios. The best way to deal with this person is to pray for them and ...
    Christ Crucified Fellowship in New York, NY

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