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How to find a church in New York City

Welcome to FaithStreet's guide to finding a church in New York City. New York City has an incredibly diverse group of Christian churches: from young churches in Manhattan, to historic churches in Brooklyn, to multicultural churches in Queens...and many more.

FaithStreet exists to help you find a great church. We recommend you start your search with the churches below :)

Visitor Experiences

"ORPHAN KIDS NEEDS CLOTHS FOR CHRISTMAS Greeting my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ . Am pastor zafar John. I am running New life Gospel church ministries of Pakistan. I am doing work of God orphan kids care center Pakistan .i care orphan kids day and night .In this time I have 50 kids more"

City Grace Church in New York,NY 10003
zafar at City Grace Church

Featured Leader

Robenson Germain

The senior Pastor's wife
TOP Deliverance church in Brooklyn,NY 11203
TOP Deliverance church

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What to Expect
What if I'm not a Christian?

  • We welcome you to come and explore God with us. We welcome everyone.
    Oasis Church in Staten Island, NY
  • Our church is "Jesus-centered" meaning that we welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about Jesus, regardless of if you'd call yourself a Christian or not. There are no insiders or outsiders here, just regular people going through life. We happen to believe Jesus has a lot to offer us personally and communally and are striving to understand more of his teachings and the implications that his life has for ours.
    City Grace Church in New York, NY
  • We'd love to meet you! We've all been on a journey of discovery in our lives and it'd be cool to swap stories with you. Bring your questions, doubts and experiences... Looking forward to sharing some Starbucks and chatting with you :)
    Reflections Chuch in Brooklyn, NY
  • We're passionate about leading people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. If you don't know what it means to be a Christian, you are welcome to join us at any of our gatherings. If you want to learn more about becoming a follower of Jesus, our Pastor would love to talk it over some coffee with you, our treat! Email [email protected]
    Swerve Church in Brooklyn, NY
  • We love all people and have many non-Christians that attend regularly. MCC is a great place to ask questions and seek answers about Christianity
    Manor Community Church in New York, NY

What Members Say
Recent Church Experiences

  • Obie Steve is a wifebeater and still goes to church like a hypocrite every Sunday. Domestic violence destroyed my life. Watching a monster abuse your mother your entire life and still go to church.
    Movement Church in Staten Island, NY
  • warm and compassionate. as a grieving person who lost a son by another on 7/17/21, I felt comforted by the mothers and the pastors there at Reflections Church Pastor Monrose and Pastor Hinds..May G...
    Reflections Chuch in Brooklyn, NY
  • Greetings to the Forefront Church. My name is Richard, age 25, nationality Zimbabwe, current location Cape Town South Africa, which is approximately 12500 km from New York. You're Christians ...
    Forefront Brooklyn Church in Brooklyn, NY
  • Porque es una iglesia anabaptista, pacifista, CristocĂ©ntrica y de enfoque comunitario. Mi nĂșmero de celular es 19732628602 Quisiera por favor, contactarlos. Bendiciones !
    Iglesia Evangelica Menonita Ebenezer in Bronx, NY

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