Manhattan Lamb's Church of Nazarene

  • Manhattan Lamb's Church of Nazarene
  • Manhattan Lamb's Church of Nazarene
  • Manhattan Lamb's Church of Nazarene
  • Manhattan Lamb's Church of Nazarene
  • Manhattan Lamb's Church of Nazarene
  • Manhattan Lamb's Church of Nazarene
  • Manhattan Lamb's Church of Nazarene
  • Manhattan Lamb's Church of Nazarene
  • Manhattan Lamb's Church of Nazarene
  • Manhattan Lamb's Church of Nazarene
  • Manhattan Lamb's Church of Nazarene

About Us

Where life is met with love.

Welcome to The Lamb's where no one is a stranger. In the hustle and bustle of New York City people everywhere seek a place to rest their weary souls. Frank Sinatra once sang of New York, "If I can make there I'll make it anywhere." Yes it's true city life has been known to cause feelings of anonymity and alienation, often people have said to us "we feel lost. The city is overwhelming us." Still, we believe there is Hope for New York. In response to our faith in God's love for New York and the cry of generations of God-seekers here in the city the Lamb's has established a haven for people from all walks of life. No matter what age, race, culture, or class you are welcome here. The Lamb's Church has constantly sought to transform the city through a loving fellowship with a diversity as big as New York. We are in the heart of the city because we have a heart for the city. Our vision is "to prepare a generation for spiritual, social, and cultural transformation." As you partake in worship and share in the many ministries here at the Lamb's we pray that you feel a part of the diverse Lamb's family who seek to worship Christ together. Everyone is welcomed at the Lamb's.

Church of the Nazarene
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  • Rev. M.Balaam
  • Anthony Spada
    I got saved in basement of the Lambs Church of the Nazarene when they were on 62st and Lexington with Rev.Moore.I was only 15. At the time,they had a coffee house outreach on the 62st.It seems you guys leave out the original founding history of this church.I felt when the moved to 44st. Shalom
  • I remember Lambs because we came as a Lay Witness Team in 1978 when you were running a campaign on Times Square titled "I Found It You Can TOO". Our leader brought us to visit Lambs on W. 44th St and we were impressed by the way you were handling all the phone calls coming in to ask what it was you had found. For years I kept my badge with the motto on it, wearing it to provoke the question, which would give me an opportunity to witness. So thank you for your input into my life all those years ago, as short as the visit was it made an impression on me. We often don't realise how God uses all the things we do to influence others, so often we are only a link in the chain. Keep up the good work, knowing you are blessing someone somewhere.
  • Rdo.David iglesias
    I remember in the 60's, that at that time, it was. La Iglesia del Nazareno. It was part of the Spanish District East. Rdo. Espada Mata was the senior pastor. Our missionary superintendent was Rev. Harold Hampton. This building has a marvelous history. I was assigned the District Superintendency in 1970 and recall the great outreach this church had for the spanish community. At that time it was the Eastern Latin American District. Later it became part of the New York District, Church of the Nazarene District under the district superintendency, Dr. Dallas Mucci. God bless the memories of this unique witness in lower Manhattan.
  • Shirley Gregory
    I am very confused. My family visited the Lambs Manhattan Church of the Nazarene many years ago when Rev. David Best was there. We are life-long Nazarenes and teens from our church in Salisbury, MD made several trips to NY to help at the Lamb's Center, so we decided to visit while in the city. We were given a great tour of the entire building, the center, the theatre, and got to meet several of the staff who explained the needs of the people and how the Church of the Nazarene is there to help. We were so impressed and returned the next morning for Sunday service. I just met a lady from our local Christian Shelter and was explaining to her all about the Lamb's Club in NY and the mission of our church to the street people of the city. So was very interested so I thought I would go online and print something out for her - what have I missed? The last I knew, you were in the beginning of a 5 year, 5 million dollar campaign to restore the Lamb's - now I get the impression that we don't even own it anymore. If that is true, it is so very sad. I remember the stories the staff told us, the miracles that God performed, and the pictures of the smiling faces at the Thanksgiving dinners where meals were served better than at a 5 star restaurant. What happened?
  • jerry
    hello, God bless all!! can someone tell me if u know, any of the pastors from over 30 yrs ago?? my mom went there when she was a kid and teenager and i'd like to bring her back there if that's the church of nazarene with like 5 floors from way back then. it used to have a gym and everything. feel free to email me back here [email protected] God bless.
  • Santizo
    My heart has truly connected to The Lambs. I have been blessed with an amazing group of people that can be real in their walk of faith and love GOD above all. I can share my passion for GOD with others and continue to spread that true love. Pastors, have offered a refreshing form of leadership through love and have been an inspiration for my life. I am truly blessed.
  • Perea
    "We worship together, pray together, study God's Word together, cry before God's presence together, fumble together, we laugh at our broken-down building together, and we stand strong together. If that's not COMMUNITAS, then I don't know what is."
  • Sean
    Thanks very much for this, lambschurch. It's a thoughtful response on a difficult topic.
  • lambschurch
    9/11 prayer decision a sign of the timesI remember September 11, 2001 well. Like most people the sounds, images, and sense of loss are deeply marked in my memory. I also recall the days immediately following 9/11. The thousands of volunteers streaming in from all over the country to bring support, comfort, relief, and a simple, “We are with you.” All of this was a tribute to the nation’s ability to pull together after a tragedy. The deaths of those in the Pentagon, the World Trade Center, Stonycreek, PA, and the hijacked flights still cause me to weep and pray. As we near a decade since this tragedy many of us continually ask, “What is the best way to mourn, remember, reflect, and be a healing presence?”I bear in mind the early days after 9/11 and the abundant calls for unity independent of race, class, ethnicity, political ideology, and religious or non-religious affiliation. The call, however well-intentioned, was short-lived. In recent days, I’ve been asked to give my reflection as a Christian pastor in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to exclude any faith representation at the 9/11 memorial in New York City. Frankly, I think his decision is reflective of much of the either/or thinking that this nation has devolved into after the early days of the 9/11 tragedy. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., “In American life there is today a real crisis…”
  • Chris
    Cosmopolitan Christianity...I think of an urban, sophisticated and diverse church. \Cosmopolitan\" means comfortable or familiar with lots of different cultures
  • lambschurch
    What do you think of when you hear the term \Cosmopolitan Christianity?\""
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