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Connecting the Mission of God to the Bowery New York, NY
Dwell Church
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Dwell Church
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Dwell Church
Dwell Church

Who We Are

Dwell Church is a growing gathering of New Yorkers exploring the life of God in community. Our vision is simple: connecting the Mission of God to the Bowery. That means that we both encourage people to be in relationship with God but are also fully engaged in serving our neighborhood. We started meeting in an apartment in September of 2011 and launched public worship on April 15, 2012. Some of us have been Christians for a while and others are investigating Christianity for the first time. Many of us live in the neighborhood of the Bowery but others commute from Brooklyn, Queens or uptown. We have a strong sense of internal community but also enjoy reaching out to serve the neighborhood and city.

About Us

Neighborhood-focused, Casual, Creative, Friendly

Community Service, Social Justice, Young Adults, Adult Education

Rock and Roll, Blue-grass, Traditional Hymns

Christian Reformed Church





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59 Cooper Square
(corner of 3rd ave & 7th St)
New York, NY 10003



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Our Services

What are services like?
Our worship is authentic. Its not showy but is open and relatable to everyone, from people checking out Christianity for the first time to lifelong believers. Musically, our vision is to be both professional and participatory. We have a number of excellent musicians who lead the music, but they are committed to facilitate worship, not show off their chops. We meet in a theatre that is downtown gritty. It has a creative vibe and incredible acoustics. The biblical teachings are geared toward well-educated New Yorkers who are considering the good news of Jesus Christ for their lives. We go deep into these ancient scriptures to mine their truths for life today. And we have a great time.

What is the community like?
The internal community of Dwell Church is strong and open. Because we are so new, deeper friendships are being formed. Now is a great time to get involved if you're searching for community and connection. The people are extremely friendly, but not in a shallow or superficial way. People get to know each other well by grabbing dinner or a drink after worship on Sunday night or through mid-week community groups. Our neighborhood of the Bowery is also central to who we are. Over half of us walk to church each week, and all of us are committed to serving this neighborhood that has so much physical and spiritual need. We are involved in many social justice initiatives, ranging from fighting sex trafficking to ending youth homelessness to education.

What if I'm not a Christian?
Dwell is the perfect place to begin or continue a spiritual journey. We feel strongly that people belong before they believe. We affirm that Jesus is the truth but are open to anyone wherever they're at spiritually. Over 10% of our congregation are folks who are not Christian believers. They are investigating Christianity and enjoying the community being formed.

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Pete Armstrong

Pete Armstrong

I was born and raised in Olympia, WA, and educated at Calvin College, Fuller Theological Seminary and Calvin Theological Seminary. However, I learned the most from my years starting Sanctuary Christian Reformed Church in a gentrifying neighborhood in Seattle. My wife Lily and I moved from Seattle to NYC to start Dwell Church. When I'm not involved in ministry, I enjoy running, playing bass, travel and visiting the museums and jazz clubs of NYC. We live, work, play and serve in Nolita.

What Members Say Add your voice

  • Dwell has been a wonderfully welcoming church in which people of all backgrounds can come together and work through the Bible, Christianity and their lives together. The church really has a heart for the community and serving those in the Bowery neighborhood, and it's a blessing to be a part of such a passionate community.
  • Dwell Church is a growing gathering of New Yorkers. We've been meeting since September, 2011. Some of us have been believers our whole lives and others are investigating Christianity for the first time. Many of us live in the neighborhood but others commute from Brooklyn, Queens or uptown. We have a strong sense of internal community but also enjoy reaching out. We volunteer every other week at a youth homeless program. We're currently in the pre-launch phase and will begin preview services in April 2012. Our vision: connecting the Mission of God to the Bowery. Our values: living the gospel, growing in prayer, loving the Bowery and genuine relationships.
  • Dwell Church dwells among the people, us city dwellers. It is a church of the city and for the city. It doesn't simply meet on Sundays. At first, I didn't know what to expect (starting the church by meeting in an apartment), but it helped establish relationships, goals, and purpose - a purpose directed toward serving the Bowery where the apartment is located. It feels like a church reminiscent of Bible times. I'm excited to see it grow and continue to serve the community.
  • Dwell is an awesome, new community. Pete and his team are a smart, laid-back and joyful community. God's doing great work through Dwell in the Bowery.
  • Dwell is a community of believers which seeks to live out a Gospel-centered community in the heart of the city. Worship services rethink and transcend the traditional once-a-week norm, with the goal of reinstituting a deliberate habit of fellowship among believers. Members share meals with each other, play together, and come to discuss Scripture and its intersection with the needs of the immediate community. Pastor Pete has a vision for the Bowery, with its demographic bookended by the very rich on the one hand, and the very poor on the other. I definitely recommend Dwell for those looking to exercise their faith in a way that impacts a community, as well as for those looking to plug into an authentic and non-showy group of believers.
  • My connection to Dwell Church was seamless. I was looking for a new church, I was in a show at the theatre, I fell in love with the service in the theatre on a Sunday night, and I stuck around. Here there is room for creativity, connection, deep thinking, swaping stories, growing faith, and building relationship. The music is simple and leaves room for adoration to Jesus. If you are interested in meeting up with us, please feel free to reach out to me or anyone in our group.
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