Be encouraged as a community.

A congregation engagement & giving platform for churches and the wonderful folks who call them home.

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An iPhone & Android app for empowering churches.


A mobile, text, and web experience for giving online.
Personal Experience

Bring church with you

Not the building, but the mission and the inspiration and the friendships.

When you’d like to be a together and can’t, FaithStreet helps you share the stories, care and generosity that bring so much meaning to community.

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Friendly Nudges

Build a better rhythm

  • Learn generosity with personal goals, recurring giving and reminders.
  • Learn to pray alongside your community with daily morning prayer lists and reminders.
  • Carry sermons with your through the week with sermon notes, questions and links to message video and audio.

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Keep it all together

From before your first visit, to attending, to meeting people, and all the way to giving and serving, FaithStreet keeps you connected.

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