About Us

FaithStreet is a congregation engagement platform for people and churches. From the moment someone begins looking for a new church, to staying connected during the week, to growing in spiritual maturity and generosity, FaithStreet connects people to faith in community.

Discovering Community

It's hard to find a church when you are new in any town, but discovering a place to belong amidst 4,000 or so diverse houses of worship in a city of 8-million people is acutely painful. That’s our story.

Founded in 2011, in Brooklyn, NY, FaithStreet's church directory began with paper sign up sheets and walking church door to church door. We invited NYC churches within walking and subway distance to join our free service.

The neighborhood directory quickly grew to encompass most of New York City, and not long after, the rest of the country. Today, over 25,000 churches manage FaithStreet profiles, and our well-researched directory now lists over 300,000 churches of all denominations across the United States. Over 10,000,000 people have discovered a church on FaithStreet's Directory.

Learning to Give

Few commitments to a congregation are more significant or meaningful than giving. But giving can be hard for many of the wrong reasons. Reasons like: "I don't carry cash or a checkbook," "I'm not able to attend services consistently," "I thought I gave more this year, but didn't find out until my annual statement." Giving well can be (rightly) challenging, but still, the logistics should be easy.

FaithStreet Giving solves our own frustrations with online stewardship and generosity. It's too often impersonal, transactional, and unaccountable. Numbers are entered then a receipt pops into your email. When your finances help create vibrant spiritual communities, it should feel... well... better. Instead, you get a long form and short receipt.

With features like campaigns and personal goal setting, flexible fees and text giving, recurring gifts and proactive reporting, FaithStreet places people front and center, helping churches invest in the practice of giving, not only the moment of giving. Easy and convenient? Sure. But why stop there?

Empowering Connection

As personal as faith is, it is best experienced as part of a community. In 2020, we launched a new app to help congregations stay connected. Bringing in some of our favorite parts of Discovery and Giving, along with all new innovations, our mobile Community app represents our best work on how a bit of tech can help augment spiritual life. How?

Encourage and be encouraged through prayer cards and questions for reflection from your pastor. Know what's happening where and when with an unforgettable, un-misplaceable bulletin. Watch, read, or listen to this week's sermon or revisit a favorite from the past. Be nudged towards community and away from isolation.

Our team builds FaithStreet for everyone who ever wanted to feel more connected to their community, to be nudged toward an abundant life, to better carry Sunday into Monday, only to find it just beyond their reach. May our work extend your reach.