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At FaithStreet, we talk to a lot of church leaders about online giving. After many of these conversations, we get the feeling that while they are excited about certain aspects of online giving, they feel a sense of loss as giving moves from the plate to the smart phone. “Giving during the service, as a response to God’s presence, is an ancient, worshipful act,” they tell us.

At its best, giving online is often described “easy” and “convenient” (just push “Pay”!), but we think pastors who see online giving as a necessary evil are really on to something. They see that the focus is not on giving, but on paying. They see that the experiences are nearly effortless, but question if that’s even a good thing.

The conversations have led us to wonder if we, as an online giving company, must sacrifice reverence and true joy for cold convenience. We say the answer is no.

At FaithStreet, we’re asking questions like:

“What if online giving were joyful and inspiring instead of bland and emotionless?”


“What if our online giving system reflected and reinforced what we believe to beautiful and sacrificial about giving?”

We’re just getting started. We’re on a mission from God. Join us.

Give differently.