What is FaithStreet?

FaithStreet is a digital outreach platform for faith communities. Before FaithStreet, congregations struggled to reach new people. Now, FaithStreet gives churches and other faith communities a beautiful web presence, where people will find and connect with them every day!

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Leaders love Us

  • Paul Andrew
    Paul Andrew
    Liberty Church
    FaithStreet is more than a directory. With their passion for seeing churches reach their community combined with their skill in online platforms, they've built a very effective way to connect new people to your church. We've seen significant results from our partnership with the FaithStreet team.
  • Jack Quinn
    Jack Quinn
    Communications Director
    The Church-in-the-Gardens
    I’ve had many conversations about church marketing with Sean and Ryan, and these passionate, insightful and visionary guys have even come to speak to our church board about the challenges of reaching new audiences looking for a church in the city. We were their first paying customer, because their service offered a unique source of traffic to church seekers here in the city, and we’re looking forward to seeing what the next chapter will bring for FaithStreet.
  • Peter Armstrong
    Peter Armstrong
    Dwell Church
    Currently, my core team and I are in the process of planting a new church along the Bowery in NYC. I'm a deeply relational guy and enjoy connecting with New Yorkers in a variety of ways. One of the most valuable I've found is FaithStreet. In short, it helps seekers and believers who are looking for a church find our church. FaithStreet is helping us accomplish our goal of seeing lives and communities transformed in New York City.
  • John Merz
    John Merz
    Church of the Ascension
    I feel that our urban church has a lot to offer, both to those that consider themselves "committed" Christians as well as seekers who are not sure where they stand. The question always is “how do we connect with both of these groups and more?” FaithStreet is the one outfit I see providing the connective tissue in a seriously competent way. Since being involved with them I have had more people of every kind come through my doors. In addition, the founders are what I might call "field anthropologists" of American Christianity: they are on the ground, researching, crunching data, talking to pastors and congregants--they get it.
  • Kristia Beaubrun
    Kristia Beaubrun
    Communications Director
    Hebron SDA Church
    When I first heard about FaithStreet, I absolutely loved the concept. There are so many churches across New York City, especially in my hometown of Brooklyn. This site is a much-needed tool to help everyday people, not just practicing Christians, navigate such a vast network and find a house of worship that they can call home. Our church is truly blessed to be a part of this phenomenal endeavor that will connect us to a larger audience of visitors.

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