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Who We Are

Conservative, Christian, Church of Christ, Biblical, Bible Based Church.

Serving the Columbus, Ohio community, the Church of Christ at the corner of Fishinger and Kenny Roads is a fellowship of believers devoted to the truth of Scripture and its application to our lives. The Church of Christ is a congregation of Christians, joined together to do God’s will and serve as his representatives in the world. Believing the Bible is the word of God, the Church of Christ bases its teachings only on the Bible and search the scriptures as our guide and authority. To do so, we follow the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ and the examples set by the apostles and the first century church as described in the New Testament.

"Salute one another with a holy kiss. The churches of Christ salute you."

- Romans 16:16 (KJV)

Visitors are always welcome at any of our times of Bible study, worship or fellowship. We offer classes and activities for children, students, and adults of all ages. We welcome the opportunity to study and share scriptures with you. You are invited to browse this website to learn more about us, listen to the copies of our radio broadcast online and most importantly, visit us at 1130 Fishinger Road. Please contact us with any questions you have about the Bible or our congregation.


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Our Services

Service Times

  • 09:00am - Worship Service
  • 10:15am - Bible Study - All Ages
  • 06:00pm - Worship Service and Children's Bible Study
  • 07:00pm - Devotional followed by Bible Class - All Ages

What to Expect

What are services like?
Are you a first-time visitor to our services? We are delighted you have come! It is our hope that you will be comfortable in our midst and that you will go away feeling you benefited from meeting with us. So you will know what to expect, let us tell you about the church and our worship service. In the book of Acts, we read about the establishment of the New Testament church. The apostle Paul referred to the congregations as "church of Christ". (Romans 16:16) The Bible is our guide in all things.Therefore, we apply to our present-day worship and organizational structure the teachings and practices of the early church. Each congregation is "autonomous," which means self-governed. Elders are appointed to oversee the members and to conduct the business affairs of the church. (I Timothy 3:17) Our Sunday morning worship consists of the following: singing, praying, preaching, an invitation, partaking of the Lord's Supper, and the collection of funds. The leadership roles in the church are performed by men. (I Timothy 2:8-12 and I Corinthians 14:34-35) Singing: Since we follow the New Testament pattern, we sing from our hearts without instrumental music. (Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16) Praying: Several prayers will be offered during the service. (I Corinthians 14:15) Preaching: The preacher will deliver a sermon lasting about 20-25 minutes. In the church of Christ, our preachers (ministers) bear no title such as "Pastor", "Father", or "Reverend". Matthew 23:9 forbids elevating one man above another. Ordinary titles such as "Minister" or "Brother" are acceptable. An Invitation: At the close of the sermon, the minister will "extend an invitation". It is a time when people are given the opportunity to go to the front of the auditorium to express a particular need. Some may respond for baptism. If so, the person would be asked about his or her belief in Christ as the Son of God. Upon confessing to this belief, the person would be immersed (baptized) in water for the remission of sins. Others may go forward asking for prayers to help in dealing with problems in their lives. The Lord's Supper: Churches of Christ observe this memorial every Sunday. (Acts 20:7) Unleavened bread and the "fruit of the vine," which is grape juice, are passed separately to the congregation. You are under no obligation to participate in this or any other act of worship. You are free to do as you wish. The Offering: Another part of our worship is giving of our means. Our members have the privilege and the responsibility to give "as we have prospered." (I Corinthians 16:2) This contribution is only source of financial support for the work of the church. Again, you are not expected to make a donation. Conclusion of service: After the collection is taken, there will be announcements, if necessary, a closing song and a dismissal prayer. Please give us the opportunity to meet you before you go on your way. If you have questions about the church here, we would be happy to speak with you and provide some materials which might be helpful.

What is the community like?
The Church community is open and friendly, with groups for all ages that meet and fellowship throughout the year.

What if I'm not a Christian?
All are welcome to any of our services and events, as Jesus died for all.

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