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Connecting Spirituality and Social Justice Columbus, OH
Continuum Church

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meets at Gateway Film Center
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Who We Are

What is a continuum?
A continuum is the seamless connection between two things that blend into each other so gradually that it’s impossible to say where one becomes the next. We have formed our community around the deep conviction that there is a continuum between spirituality and social justice.

What do you mean by spirituality?
In many languages, the word for spirit is also the word for breath or wind. In Hebrew, it’s ruach. In Greek, it’s pneuma. In Latin, it’s spiritus. In Sanskrit, it’s prana. We follow this ancient insight by using the word spirit to describe the nonphysical essence of life. The movement of breath in our bodies reminds us that there is an interactive element to our existence. Cultivating our inner, spiritual lives means diving deeply into what it means to be human.

What do you mean by social justice?
When people are denied access to resources and opportunities based on their traits, we call it discrimination. When our social institutions, such as schools, hospitals, and job markets, reinforce patterns of discrimination, we call it injustice. Having compassion for the oppressed is a necessary first step toward recovery. But social justice occurs when people of every political persuasion join forces to address the root causes of our oppressive systems.

How do you connect spirituality and social justice?
Cultivating our inner, spiritual lives awakens us to our own participation in systems that oppress people and compels us to address these problems with concrete action. The most important thing we do is build friendships with people who are already in the fight. When invited we offer assistance at the practical level and extend our reach through advocacy. Deep spiritual roots provide stability in the fight against the injustice in ourselves and our community.

How realistic is this approach?
We follow the sentiment of scholar Cornel West: “You have to draw a distinction between hope and optimism. Vaclav Havel put it well when he said ‘optimism’ is the belief that things are going to turn out as you would like, as opposed to ‘hope,’ which is when you are thoroughly convinced something is moral and right and just and therefore you fight regardless of the consequences.”

What does this have to do with Christianity?
We believe that the only hope for our world lies in sacrificial love. We want to love others the way we experience God loving us–unconditionally. We desire to move beyond mere tolerance and embrace those we’re tempted to call enemies. Tracing the historic origins of this “love your enemies” approach leads us to Jesus of Nazareth. We discover in his life, death, and resurrection the path of reconciliation with God and each other. While we trust that he embodies the solution, we do not assume we have the corner on the religious market.

About Us

Progressive, Friendly, Casual, Down to Earth, Downtown, Inclusive, Neighborhood-focused, Multigenerational, Young families

Community Service, Social Justice, Children's Ministry, Nursery, Faith and Work

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Our Services

What are services like?
Typically our Sunday morning gatherings include a welcome, a time of discussion, a talk from the Bible, an invitation to pray, and an opportunity to give. We neither point out our guests nor ask them to identify themselves. We center our time on a story, poem, or letter found in the Christian Bible. We do our best to figure out what the message would have meant in its original setting. Then we invite that idea to shape our participation in what God is doing in our world. Rather than arrogantly supplying “right” answers, this helps us ask better questions—questions that promote growth rather than reinforce forgone conclusions. No one will pressure you to donate because doing so would contradict the entire point of giving. At least ten percent of all gifts we receive are redistributed to good causes in our community and around the world. (Visit our website for a fuller explanation!)

What is the community like?
In a word: Interactive. Besides making the church experience less boring, being interactive reminds us that the medium is the message. We reject the idea that the sermon—and religion in general—is to be heard and absorbed, not questioned and digested. Instead, we believe that God wants to interact with us and that his nearness can be experienced directly. So we embrace a method of discussion. We think that learning about God in an interactive setting increases the odds of actually interacting with God in daily life. (Visit our website for a fuller explanation!)

What if I'm not a Christian?
The “First Rule” of Continuum Church is respect: we respect your level of participation in our gathering. We realize that not everyone is comfortable with our interactive style. We will do our best to treat you the way we would want to be treated when visiting someone else’s religious group. The only thing we require is respect for others. Another person’s expression of spirituality might differ from your approach. But we ask that you not judge anyone’s decision either to participate or to sit on the sidelines. (Visit our website for a fuller explanation!)


Adam  Long

Adam Long

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  • Continuum has been wonderful for my husband and me. Being in our 20′s, having been raised in different spiritual backgrounds, and wanting something more fulfilling than what either of us had experienced, we went “church shopping” shortly after we got married. A random Google search of churches in the area lead us to Continuum and we both felt instantly at home. The discussion-style message and inclusion-oriented environment was exactly what we were looking for! I was tired of my traditional “Christian” background where we preached love and acceptance but never truly practiced it, and he was tired of hearing that, in order to have faith, you had to let go of a natural desire for logical explanation. At Continuum you will find more TRULY Christ-like attitudes and logical discussions than I thought possible in any church, let alone in the same church. We like to compare it to a college course that everyone is ACTUALLY into and where everyone respects each other’s right to disagree during the discussion. We discuss relevant, real-world issues without screaming, hating, or becoming indignant. I can honestly say, having been to countless churches of varying denominations, and about a million youth groups while growing up, Continuum is one of a kind. (Though I sincerely hope that is not always the case.) We are expecting our first child in August, and I am so very sincerely happy that we have a spiritual community to introduce him to that will never tell him what to think, but will teach him how to think. I dearly love the people at Continuum though we are all vastly different, and cannot wait for our son to learn from and grow with us in that community. So, if nothing else, I highly recommend checking it out & if it’s not your style, we’ll help you find a good fit for you in the area that is. :) — Shelby E.
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