Churches in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis churches describe themselves with words like creative, multigenerational, and friendly.

Popular church music styles include contemporary, traditional hymns, and passionate reverent. Churches in Minneapolis often offer children's ministry, youth group, social justice, nursery, and community service programs.

Some churches that you may want to check out include:

  • Lutheran (ELCA) in Minneapolis, MN
    • Lively, Friendly
    • Children's Ministry, Youth Group
    • Organ, Contemporary
    Sunday Services
    • 05:00pm
  • Advent Christian Church in Minneapolis, MN
  • Congregational in Minneapolis, MN
    • Progressive, Historic
    • Youth Group, Young Adults
    • Jazz, Traditional Hymns
    Sunday Services
    • 09:45am
    • 10:30am
  • African Methodist Episcopal in Minneapolis, MN
    • Live Stream
  • United Church of Christ in Minneapolis, MN
    • Contemporary, Traditional Hymns
    • Friendly, Neighborhood-focused
    • Social Justice, Addiction/Recovery
    Sunday Services
    • 09:15am
    • 10:30am
  • Assemblies of God in Minneapolis, MN
    • Spirit-filled, Creative
    • Young Adults, Children's Ministry
    • Hillsong-style, Praise and Worship
    Sunday Services
    • 09:30am
  • Nondenominational in Minneapolis, MN
    • Gay affirming, Young
    • Community Service, Nursery
    • Contemporary, Rock-n-roll
  • Evangelical Covenant Church in Minneapolis, MN
    • Downtown, Multigenerational
    • Missions, Daycare
    • Contemporary, Gospel Choir
  • Episcopal in Minneapolis, MN
    • Creative, Inclusive
    • Community Service, Social Justice
    • Passionate Reverent, Organ
  • Catholic in Minneapolis, MN
    • Progressive, Neighborhood-focused
    • Children's Ministry, Adult Education
    • Jazz, Traditional Hymns
    Sunday Services
    • 09:30am