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Zion Lutheran Church & School
Zion Lutheran Church & School

Who We Are

Serving God † Bringing Christ † Caring for people

Zion is all about relationships ... because God is all about forming a relationship with his people--and that would include you!
* Grow in faith and the knowledge of God *
The Bible reveals some very basic facts about our life and our relationship with God.
1) God created all things and preserves them.
2) The perfect relationship with God is broken by mankind's sin--and man cannot bridge that gap.
3) God restored that relationship, working through his covenant people (Israel) and through all who would hear his holy, Spirit-given Word.
4) God loved the world so that he gave his "only-begotten Son" to be the mediator that would bring people out of their sin and redeem their lives. The name of that mediator is Jesus.
5) Lutherans focus on the spiritual gifts given through Jesus (faith, forgiveness, holy living) that draw us near to Jesus. These gifts are found in the preaching of the Word and in Baptism, Absolution, and the Lord's Supper.
6) Our ministry drives us to share that Word faithfully among ourselves and to all who will listen. We welcome all people.
7) We share the love of Christ and so fulfill the command of Jesus, to love one another as God has loved us.

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Our Services

What to Expect

What are services like?
The Worship Service * We are a Lutheran church and so follow a liturgy that guides us in a structured worship of God that honors God and blesses people. * On the second and fourth Sundays we offer the Lord's Supper (communion) and follow a more traditional service. (Divine Service, from the Lutheran Service Book.) * On other Sundays we follow a service that focuses on the Scriptures assigned for that day. * Expect that God's name is honored among us; the worship follows biblical principles and the hymns and songs are faithful to a true witness of God and his promises, as found in the Bible. * Our worship is for two reasons. First, we desire to honor and praise God; second, we desire to receive the blessings that God offers--faith, forgiveness, fellowship in Christ. * We project elements of the worship service on a screen, to aid our worship experience.

What is the community like?
* You will find Zion to be very friendly and open, because it tries to share the love of God that has been shown to us. God forgives us, so we try not to be judgmental of others. God is patient and loving with others, so we try to be the same with others. * We are biblical--that is, we consider the Word of God to be real and tangible. We honor our time together and honor one another. * We support a Christian elementary school at Zion (Pre-K through 8th grade) and are supporters of our Mayer Lutheran High School. * We try to help others in every situation; that is our basic service to God. * Handicapped Accessible -- From parking to the front door to the bathrooms.

What if I'm not a Christian?
* We welcome people who are Christian or non-Christian. * We believe that there is power in the Word which calls a person to faith. The Bible is the product of the Holy Spirit and an individual's faith is the product of the Holy Spirit. God uses the one to influence the other; therefore we are careful to present the Word in a way that is true to itself and understandable (therefore relevant) to all people. * If you seek to learn more, we offer a course to direct you in the teachings of God and the work of God's church. * If you have not been baptized, we welcome the opportunity to tell you what Baptism is and how it benefits you and to offer this gift of God's anointing to you. This gift is open to all people. * Holy Communion is based on Jesus' promise to his disciples that he among them in the sacrament of bread and wine, presenting his people with the forgiveness of sins and renewed faith.

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