Overflow Faith Community

A Vineyard church in Chicago, IL
Overflow Faith Community

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1550 South State Street
Chicago, IL 60616

847 420 2980


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Who We Are

As a faith community we're simply about experiencing faith. Whether you're exploring faith or have been pursuing faith for a long time, our hope is that you'll encounter God in a helpful way as part of our community. Of course this assumes something pretty big - that God is alive and active today and wants to interact with us in personal ways. The invitation is to act and pray as if this assumption is true and see if fullness comes to our lives.

We started our community because we wanted to create a place for people who haven't connected well with churches to feel like they can be themselves and build relationships with others pursuing faith, even while remaining doubtful or skeptical.

About Us

Casual, Creative, Down to Earth, Downtown, Spirit-filled, Neighborhood-focused, Multigenerational




Our Services

What are services like?
What Happens on Sundays at 11 am? On Sundays we spend an hour together practicing faith. To practice our faith, we sing songs, engage our imaginations with a faith topic, respond to what God is doing by praying for each other, taking Communion, and giving offerings. We try to make our time together beneficial for people in various seasons of their faith journeys so that as many people as possible leave the time encouraged and ready to "overflow" throughout the week. Is there anything for my child(ren)? Your child or children are invited to be part of practicing faith along with us. You're welcome to bring along an activity or toy for when children might find it hard to engage. If they end up making some noise, don't worry. We expect it. How do I get there? We encourage the use of feet, bikes, and public transit (Red Line, #29, #62 and other buses are close). Limited parking is available for Sundays in the rear of the building on a 1st come, 1st served basis. There's a Divvy station on the corner of 16th and State! Plus, there's a bike rack out front and another across the street in front of Columbia College's Media Production Center.

What is the community like?
Who Are You, Really? Let's be practical. You probably want to know a little bit more about who we are before deciding whether you want to go beyond perusing our website toward connecting with us on a Sunday. We'll be the first to admit, we're a little but odd to some people. It's easy to think of ourselves as misfits but we're also just normal, average people trying to figure out how to live life in an authentic way. Perhaps this word "authentic" has something behind it. By authentic, we mean we like to be ourselves, not wear masks that cover up who we really are. This can be messy. We'd rather be messy than pretend we're perfect. Thus, we lean toward art, toward social justice, toward relationship, toward continually growing, toward being at ease with the unexplainable.

What if I'm not a Christian?
But are you "Christian?" We are Christian in the sense that we think Jesus is awesome and we try to be more like Him. We are Christian in the sense that we agree with the Nicene Creed. We are Christian in the sense that we want to be known for our love.

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