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Nondenominational churches describe themselves with words like casual, friendly, and multigenerational.

Popular church music styles include contemporary, praise and worship, and hillsong-style. Nondenominational churches often offer children's ministry, community service, youth group, missions, and nursery programs.

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"I saw Ryan Wyatt on Sid Roth and I thought that I would like some prayers and would like to know If it was possible to talk to him. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada I saw Ryan’s talk And I am desperate for healing. In year 2006 I wake Up one morning with a headache and had anxiety I have more"

Fuse Church in Knoxville,TN 37909
Agathe Malzaire at Fuse Church

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Pamela Travis, RN , BA

Pamela Travis, RN , BA
Pam is a registered nurse in the field of psychiatric nursing working with adults and youth. She retired after 20 years of working in the medical field. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Christian counseling while completing her Masters's degree in Clinical Christian counseling. She is also more