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Pentecostal churches describe themselves with words like spirit-filled, friendly, and down to earth.

Popular church music styles include contemporary, praise and worship, and traditional hymns. Pentecostal churches often offer children's ministry, youth group, faith and work, community service, and young adults programs.

Visitor Experiences

"Open Bible Assembly is a friendly, loving church that will welcome you to their services. Prayer is an important part of their services as they believe prayer changes things. Lively worship and anointed preaching fill the sanctuary each week. Come experience the power & presence of the Holy more"

Open Bible Assembly in McEwen,TN 37101
Kent at Open Bible Assembly

Featured Leader

Kent Curtis

  • 24.0 miles away
    Pentecostal in Clarksville , TN
    Sunday Services
    • 10:45am
  • 26.3 miles away
    Pentecostal in McEwen , TN
    • Traditional Hymns, Gospel Choir
    • Multigenerational, Spirit-filled
    • Children's Ministry, Faith and Work
    Sunday Services
    • 10:00am
    • 11:00am
    • 05:00pm
    • 06:00pm