Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt

A Presbyterian (PCUSA) church in Bangor, PA
  • Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt
  • Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt
  • Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt
  • Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt
  • Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt
  • Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt
  • Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt
  • Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt
  • Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt
  • Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt
  • Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt

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332 Kennedy Drive
Bangor, PA 18013



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Who We Are

Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt

Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt certainly has one of the most colorful and fascinating histories of any church in the Slate Belt region of Northampton County. The Parish congregation is comprised of people from four Presbyterian Churches in the Slate Belt. The First Presbyterian Church, The Peniel Presbyterian Church, The Roseto Presbyterian church, and Faith United Presbyterian church.

The First Presbyterian was comprised of predominantly English, while the Peniel Presbyterian Church began as a Welsh speaking Presbyterian Church. The Roseto Presbyterian church served the Italian residents of Roseto and Faith United Presbyterian Church served residents of Pen Argyl. These varied ethnic backgrounds have provided the Parish with a proud heritage.

The many important achievements of each individual church are too numerous to mention, but the cultural background and heritage of each church have through the years fulfilled a common need; to glorify our love of God and His gifts of Jesus Christ to humankind.

We welcome all who worship here. Our church doors are open wide to any who come seeking God’s presence and healing, and the fellowship of Christian community. We invite you to make this your church home.

Worshipping at Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt
- Following protocols set by our Session shows respect and care for each other as we enter the CPCSB facility. “Joining together” at CPCSB means agreeing to a covenant of actions designed to show care, respect and desire to follow the protocols, “listed below”, “at all times” while at CPCSB.
CONFIRM YOU ARE FREE OF COVID-19 SYMPTOMS: If you are at risk of spreading Covid-19 because of exposure or a positive test, please worship from home. If you have been feeling ill, please stay home and call your primary care physician immediately. Entrance into CPCSB means you are symptom free and feeling no flu like symptoms. We will take a weekly worship attendance and the place where you were seated in the sanctuary so we can contact trace if you are or become a COVID positive worshipper.
PRACTICING SOCIAL DISTANCING AT CPCSB: Please stay at least six feet apart from people while at CPCSB and outside your household “at all times.” Follow our “ushers” or “greeters” orders before entering CPCSB and upon entering the sanctuary. Sit in the pews as directed and maintain social distancing upon entering and exiting the sanctuary. Family groups may sit together if you feel comfortable.
-Ushers/Greeters will dismiss worshippers from the back to the front at the end of the service and please exit the church immediately if able to do so.
-If you request, we encourage you to sit in the same pew each week if in attendance.
WEAR A MASK OVER YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH WHILE AT CPCSB: Your mask protects other persons while you are inside or outside at CPCSB. It has been proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19 significantly. If you cannot wear a mask because of a medical condition please worship from home. Masks are provided if you forget to bring one. Please inform an usher/greeter before you enter the facility. Please put on your mask before you exit your vehicle and enter the church.

HAND SANITIZER: Will be available as you enter the Main Entrance and Narthex, also located in the restrooms at CPCSB. We encourage worshippers to sanitize their hands before exiting their vehicle if possible.
ENTRANCE INTO CPCSB: You may enter the church through the main entrance or side entrance. Please to not try to enter the fellowship hall, kitchen or Sunday school entrance until further notice. Please maintain social distancing during your time at CPCSB. Follow usher/greeter instructions before entering the sanctuary.
TOUCH POINTS: We encourage all worshippers to try to avoid touching door handles, coat hangers and backs of the pews in front of you. Ushers/greeters will open entrance doors at CPCSB. All other swinging doors will try to be propped open upon opening the church before worship or other meeting events. Hymnals will not be used until further notice. They are still located in the sanctuary, but please do not touch if able. All Bibles have been placed outside of the sanctuary in the narthex. If you request use of a Bible please take one into the sanctuary and leave it in the pew before you exit the worship service.
OFFERING: As you leave the sanctuary please place your offering in the plate provided on the table.
RESTROOM USE: Restroom use will be limited. If you need to use the restroom please wipe down what you have touched with available cleaning supplies provided.
CONTACT CPCSB: If you have any suggestions dealing with our worship practices and the COVID-19 “pandemic” please contact the church office at 610-588-4864.
We are in need of smaller hand sanitizer pumps for the bathrooms and in need of sanitizing wipes for the bathrooms and other areas of the church. Your donations are appreciated.

*Church contributions may be mailed to: Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt, 332 Kennedy Drive, Bangor, Pa. 18013
Please remember that checks need to be made out to "The Presbyterian Parish of Bangor and Roseto" or "Faith United Presbyterian Church".
We currently have no online giving program set up, but will for future donations. Thank you for your contributions. CPCSB

Casual, Friendly, Down to Earth, Traditional Liturgy, Historic, Multigenerational

Community Service, Missions, Preschool, Seniors Ministry, Children's Ministry, Choir, Preschool, Missions

Traditional Hymns, Organ, Praise and Worship

Presbyterian (PCUSA)






332 Kennedy Drive
Bangor, PA 18013



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Our Services

What are services like?
They are about 45 Minutes with some members attending in person and some on Zoom. We have mixed attire. Some people choose to wear jeans and some like wear suits and dresses. None are judged, all are welcomed.

What is the community like?
It varies from older to some young children.

What if I'm not a Christian?
Everyone is welcome here.


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Rev. Karen Kinney (Minister)

Reverend Karen Robinson Kinney is an ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA). For the past six years, she has been the solo pastor of Glenville Presbyterian Church in Glenville, WV. During her time there, she introduced visual expression and spiritual practices into worship, Session and other meetings; enhanced campus ministry programs; deepened community relationships with local nonprofits and Glenville State College; established a financial and administrative infrastructure for the church; and, guided the church to become a certified Earth Care Congregation. As a Ruling Elder and seminary student, she developed and led Session retreats, Christian education classes and established leadership development programs. Prior to ordained ministry, Karen worked in the nonprofit sector for 30 years as a grant maker, fundraiser, facilitator, trainer and consultant. Karen attended Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, VA and earned her Master of Divinity Degree from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. Her undergraduate degree in history was awarded by Towson State University in Towson, MD. Karen is the proud mother of daughter Jessica and son Justin.

What Members Say

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  • Dear Friends: We would like to offer you a free book for your daily study and meditation about the future prophecies of the world, the economy crisis, the planet ecological disaster, how and why the increasing of earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and typhoons around the world and the end of humanity. Hercolubus or Red Planet written by V. M. Rabolu is a book which speaks about the most imminent events to come. In this small book, the author tackles serious topics of actuality that are happening nowadays like the atomic tests in the ocean and the fatal consequences causing the unbalance changes of the climate around the world. He describes the controversial question of the existence of conscientious beings in other planets of the universe. Likewise, he confirms the existence of an enormous planet, six times bigger than Jupiter, which is approaching our planet in an alarming way. He describes the consequences for us. In 1998, he wrote "Hercolubus or Red Planet" based on his direct and conscientious experience. V.M. Rabolu describes the terrible events that will happen in a short term. He teaches the way to obtain a deep transformation of the human being. Nowadays, the statements in his book have been recognized by a large number of readers around the world who are getting many benefits from his teachings. V.M. Rabolu is one of those few souls with awakened Conscience, and his teachings have become indispensable in these times when materialism and the lack of moral values have transformed our society into a madness and chaos full of wars, alcohol, drugs, sexual abuse, misery, painting a very dark future for new generations. Hercolubus or the Red Planet is written above all with a great dose of sensibility and love for humanity. The assertions contained in the book will draw the attention of society as the events unfold in the near future. From the table of contents: Hercolubus or Red Planet. Nuclear Tests in the Ocean and the Ecological Disasters. Elimination of the Psychological Defects or Egos. Astral Unfolding and its Techniques. The Mystery of Life in other Planets. The Book synthesizes our work with three factors: The elimination of the psychological defects, with which every person can achieve scientific chastity and the love for humanity and our planet. V.M. Rabolu’s message is clear and conclusive: "Human beings must increase their level of conscience to overcome the forthcoming worldwide calamities." If you like to receive a copy, free of charge and shipment, you can ask for it:
  • Hi everyone and hope you are keeping safe. There will be no church tomorrow, April 19th and next week, April 26th. Please call the church office at 610-588-4864 or call me at 610-905-4685 or e mail me at [email protected] with questions or concerns. Be safe.
  • At this point in time Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt has no on-line giving program set-up. We currently have no return date for our next Sunday Worship service and if you would like to mail in your contributions you may do so. The church address is Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt, 332 Kennedy Drive, Bangor, Pa. 18013. If you wish to wait to contribute that is also the other option you may choose. Don't forget your checks would still be made out to The Presbyterian Parish of Bangor and Roseto or Faith United Presbyterian Church. Stay safe and thank you for your donations.
  • This is a congregation that is willing to help each other through the love of God
  • Hi everyone, we will need to cancel church services Easter Sunday and April 19th and 26th. We are all eager to worship again but do what you can with on line services or TV services if you have no internet access. Rev. Martin has sent a dial-a-prayer number , 610-794-5990. We are also setting up a facebook page and hopefully will soon have this ready. If you have an emergency please call a 24 hour hotline at 610-252-9060 or if you need any kind of assistance please call 610-829-4801. Non emergency please contact our church at 610-588-4864. Stephanie our secretary is currently working and will relay your answering machine message. I have had volunteers offering their help but it is hard to say "yes do this" when we have to practice social distancing and staying home this next month. Please pass on the dial a prayer number to members without internet access. If anyone has ideas on what is needed if we worship in May please let me know, 610-905-4685. The interior of the church will be clean and ready for worship. God bless everyone. Brian Roberts, Clerk of Session at CPCSB.
  • Dial a prayer , 610-794-5990.
  • It is with sadden hearts that I have to report the news that CPCSB member Martha (Marti) Livingstone passed away yesterday. Keep her family in your prayers and a Memorial Service will be held at a later time.
  • Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slate Belt will be cancelling the following worship services: March 29th 10:30 a.m. worship service, April 1st 7:30 p.m. Lenten service, April 5th 10:30 a.m. Palm Sunday worship service and April 9th 6:00 p.m. Maundy Thursday Meal and Worship service. Please check the next "What Members Say" message for updated Easter Sunday Worship service news.
  • Faith United Presbyterian Church of Pen Argyl has recently merged with The Presbyterian Parish of Bangor and Roseto. We have formed a greater congregation but are currently going through some rough times with the corona virus outbreak. This is a message to members and future guest. We have had to cancel worship services on March 22nd the 29th. Our Session later this week will decide if our church will be hosting a community Lenten service here on April 1st at 7:30 p.m. Our church at this point in time is not opened. Please call if you have an emergency. 610-588-4864 and please leave a message. Our secretary will work limited hours and our leadership teams will be prepared to return to their duties once the state of emergency is lifted by Gov. Wolf. At that point in time our Session will make the decision when our first Worship service will be held once the emergency is lifted. You may also call and leave a message on my cell phone if you need help with something (610-905-4685). Our membership is caring and will be their for our fellow parishoner's in this time of need. God speed. We will get through this. Stay strong. Brian Roberts, Clerk of Session
  • As co-founder of Slate Belt Common Ground I am excited that Christ Presbyterian Church of the Slatebelt has welcomed us and our Back Pack Buddies Program. The congregation is supportive of and active in being the hands and feet of Christ, Jesus. Peace and Blessings during this season of Advent.
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