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Southern Baptist Church on Spartanburg's west side that is committed to preaching the Word and praising the Lord!

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  • 10:30am - Service
  • 06:00pm - Service
  • 06:15pm - Prayer Meeting

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  • Rev. Rebecca Quinnia Abernathy Lewis
    I wish I could say I did. But, I can't. This church has done nothing for me from the time we left Canaan Baptist Church at 701 Canaan Rd. Back before the murders at 8 Tower Dr. in Moore SC. The horrible things that were done to me at age 12 there the minister at Oak Grove made it even worse. There is no true Christan that could ever attend these churches. They don't believe in Jesus they believe in Satan. It they had or did believe in Christ. They would have stepped in and saved me from being sacrificed to a Canaanite Snake goddess of the corn. They didn't. Just letting the truth be known. Rev. Rebecca Q. Abernathy Lewis. Women in the Southern Baptist Church can't be ministers. But they can be raped at 12 years of age and socially confined by the church. God can't save you
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