Gresham Seventh-day Adventist Church

Gresham Seventh-day Adventist Church

Who We Are

Our Church is a small family style church. Our regular attendance fluctuates between 60-80+ from Sabbath to Sabbath. We are passionate about studying the Bible, Prayer, Community, and Service. We are growing in each of these areas. We are a church that wants to work. Right now our current areas of service outside the church include: 1) our visitation groups for visiting shut-ins, sick, and needy; 2) community prayer groups which are actively involved with praying in our community with our community, as well as looking for practical hands on ways to relieve some of the burdens our community is facing; 3) and soon community service groups.

Our Services

Service Times

  • 11:00am - Sweet Hour of Prayer Worship Service
  • 09:30am - Sabbath School
  • 11:00am - Family Worship Hour

What to Expect

What are services like?
Our services are on Saturday mornings beginning at 9:30. We begin with a joint service of singing and a short mission focussed presentation. We then break for our different Sabbath School classes. You are invited to attend any that you wish. The kids have special classes focussed just for them in our education wing. Our Family Worship Hour begins at 10:50 with singing, children's story, prayer time, and then the Bible focussed time. The Bible focussed time may be a sermon, or a bible study, or a combination of both. The bible study times are interactive and everyone is invited to participate.

What is the community like?
We are a family church. We have young and old, and we love that fact! Our children are our highest priority. Our church sees itself as a place to help mentor our young both in life and in service. Our worship service is best described as "real". We are not a "Rock-n-Roll" church, nor are we a "Traditional Hymns only" church.

What if I'm not a Christian?
We never saw this affecting Jesus' love for a person so why should we? We would love to have you come.


Jared Spano

Jared is a young pastor in his young 30's who is passionate about Jesus, His word, and people. You can't spend 2 minutes with him without feeling his passion. It is contagious! Jared loves people! Telling them about Jesus is what makes his face light up. He is an active young man who loves to play basket ball, loves to snow board, scuba dive, hike, camp, work on cars, or just sit around the table and play games. Jared has a BA in Theology with a minor in History which he obtained from Walla Walla University, and an Mdiv which he obtained at Andrews University. He has definite plans to go on for his doctorate. The pride and joy of his life, second to Jesus, is his lovely wife Constance.


What Members Say

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  • Julie Kaas
    The message. I’m sorry I don’t remember your name pastor. I attended with my son Danny Kaas. 9-24-22 but I will forever remember your message! I was extremely apprehensive about attending church. I had my name taken off the books ( I’m a 4th Gen SDA attended all grades of school worked at camp, taught preschool in the SDA school) several years ago, because of fear mongering, judgement, legalistic mentality, and what I call spiritual abuse. (My ex would tithe his time and deem himself spiritually superior then go about his day abusing my 3 sons and I) when I got a divorce, I was questioned if I had biblical grounds for it . pastor Seth Pierce threw me a life line by understanding the trauma my kids and I were experiencing. He didn’t give me some formula or tell me to pray it away, but validated my feelings and my beliefs that Jesus loved me. 😊 but I still needed space to process and heal. I tried returning to church a year ago and had a major panic attack. I trust my son Danny, he said Gresham was different. Your sermon of Jesus, No and, filled my thirsty soul! Danny was right! No panic attack! Thank you and thank you Jesus ! Julie Kaas
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