Gethsemane Baptist Church

Relational, Christ-Centered, Discipleship, Teaching, Evangelizing, Worship Greenville, SC
Gethsemane Baptist Church
Gethsemane Baptist Church
Gethsemane Baptist Church
Gethsemane Baptist Church
Gethsemane Baptist Church
Gethsemane Baptist Church
Gethsemane Baptist Church
Gethsemane Baptist Church
Gethsemane Baptist Church
Gethsemane Baptist Church
Gethsemane Baptist Church
Gethsemane Baptist Church


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711 Worley Road
Greenville, SC 29609



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Who We Are

Gethsemane Baptist Church is being transformed for Christ into a Kingdom Centered Church that looks like Christ. We accept everyone as they are and have a desire to develop lasting relationships with people that go beyond this life into the life to come. We believe in working for the King of Kings and representing the Kingdom of God right here in the USA in Greenville, SC. Come to the Garden and find a spirit of peace and tranquility to break up the work that goes on outside the garden in the hospitals, prisons, neighborhoods, and streets.

About Us

Casual, Down to Earth, Creative, Spirit-filled, Friendly, Multigenerational, Young families, Lots of kids

Community Service, Social Justice, Addiction/Recovery, Children's Ministry, Choir, Missions, Food Pantry

Passionate Reverent, Traditional Hymns, Gospel Choir





Our Services

What are services like?
Expect a service that is like 90 minutes long with about 2 to 3 praise songs to set the atmosphere and 2 other choral songs before a time of giving and the spoken word. There is a moment for the children and a short period of fellowship after the praise period. Expect a 20 - 30 minute word from God through our pastor, followed by a time for prayer. Our guests are not expected to dress a certain way or give a certain amount of money, just prepare to be encouraged.

What is the community like?
The community is made of mostly African American middle-class families with a smaller group of interracial families and multiracial individuals. Some are married, some divorced, and still others are single. There are children of all ages from nursery to high school seniors and college students. There is a remnant of a family church since many people are related, however there are many new faces that have no close relatives or friends. The community is very welcoming of newcomers and accepting of individuals from all walks of life. We do not affirm wrong but accept all because we all sin and fall short.

What if I'm not a Christian?
Non-Christians are most welcome at any service. As a matter of fact, most services are geared toward the non-Christian or the skeptic as it is our mandate to help those come to an understanding and make a decision about how they are going to live out their lives. We like to work closely with those seeking the truth.

Leadership View all

Emanuel  Duncan

Emanuel Duncan

Our pastor was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Pelzer, SC and has a heart for all people. He is the husband of his high-school sweetheart Jennifer who has a passion for couples and singing. The two of them are parents to Josiah, Nehemiah, & Amaziah, three of the most amazing children you would ever meet. Pastor Duncan has an Engineering degree from Clemson University, a Physics degree from the College of Charleston, and a Master of Divinity degree from Erskine Seminary. He is not hard to miss at 6'5" and once was pretty decent at basketball, football, soccer and golf. The best thing about him as that he is sold-out for Christ. Expect to be challenged, inspired, and motivated every time you come around him.

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  • Jesus said he’s looking for a Church without a spot or wrinkle I believe we can make it
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