Gethsemane Baptist Church
Staff & Leaders

  • Carol Bennett

    Carol Bennett has served as secretary for many years. She was preceded by her mother who was secretary. Ms. Bennett also serves as a faithful choir member and helps out with tutoring in math as her schedule allows. Ms. Bennett is a retired school teacher with three children, several grandchildren, and was preceded in death by her late husband James.

  • Corey Butler

    Corey Butler is a loving father and husband. Mr. Butler started serving as treasurer in 2015. Mr. Butler also has supported the Men's Ministry as a cook and also a coach for youth basketball. Mr. Butler works with the yard ministry as well.

  • Claude Sullivan
    Music Minister

    Mr. Claude Sullivan has served as a musician at Gethsemane for over 20 years. He serves faithfully and has stewardship over 3 choirs and a praise team. Mr. Sullivan has participated in sports and attended Morris College in Sumter, SC. Mr. Sullivan is passionate about music and looks forward to teaching and encouraging new talent to use their gifts for God's glory.

  • Antoine Paden
    Associate Minister

    Minister Antoine Paden was licensed to the gospel ministry in August of 2014. He is currently a student in Liberty's Online University. Min. Paden already has an associates degree and is now working on his bachelor's degree in ministry. Minister Paden is a faithful husband and mentor to youths in Greenville and worldwide. Minister Paden is an active member of the Speak Life poetry team that uses their gifts for God's glory throughout the US.

  • Emanuel  Duncan

    Emanuel Duncan

    Our pastor was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Pelzer, SC and has a heart for all people. He is the husband of his high-school sweetheart Jennifer who has a passion for couples and singing. The two of them are parents to Josiah, Nehemiah, & Amaziah, three of the most amazing children you would ever meet. Pastor Duncan has an Engineering degree from Clemson University, a Physics degree from the College of Charleston, and a Master of Divinity degree from Erskine Seminary. He is not hard to miss at 6'5" and once was pretty decent at basketball, football, soccer and golf. The best thing about him as that he is sold-out for Christ. Expect to be challenged, inspired, and motivated every time you come around him.