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Church of the Holy Trinity

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An inclusive parish celebrating catholic traditions in the Episcopal Church

Holy Trinity is an Episcopal church within the worldwide Anglican Communion. Founded as an ethnically and linguistically Hungarian Episcopal church in the early 1900’s, Holy Trinity now serves a small but vibrant community of singles, couples, students and families from all walks of life. We value our traditions as the ground from which new life springs forth in the light of Christ. As an inclusive community of faith on the west side of South Bend, we are committed to seeking and serving Christ in all persons and to reaching across all boundaries, including those of politics, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class and ability.

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We celebrate the catholic traditions of the Episcopal Church, using ancient texts, fabric, candles, incense, chanted liturgy and other materials to support our worship. At the same time, we are committed to exploring the ways in which our liturgical traditions speak to the conditions in our local neighborhood, where poverty, unemployment and violence shape the lives of young and old alike. The combination is constantly evolving.

What is the community like?
As an inclusive community on the west side of South Bend, we are committed to seeking and serving Christ in all persons and to reaching across all boundaries, including those of politics, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class and ability. We are a community of faith, grounded in the classic creeds and the catholic worship traditions of the Anglican Church. Knit together as the Body of Christ, we center ourselves around the real presence of Christ in our worship, and together we reach out from that center, striving to share our life with God through evangelism, service, study and fellowship.

What if I'm not a Christian?
We welcome those who are still questioning, and we currently include non-Christians in our community.

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  • Richard Frates
    Special People? Imposed Idolatry: Mind Twisting. The battle for hearts and minds is raging; the Devil’s faithful are on the attack. “Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom” But, the Fear of Not Approving of LGBT sexual perverts: Is the Beginning of Madness. Homophobia really is: Fear of Not Approving of - Sexual Perverts and those who justify and praise them. Calling those who do - Not Approve - of LGBT “homophobic” is Blasphemy and the same as - Calling God Insane. Those who Approve of LGBT are Mind Slaves of Satan. Jeremiah 7:28 “Truth has perished; it has vanished from their lips.” Many Surrender to Satan’s faithful, by proudly proclaiming “I am Not homophobic” I Respect and Honor the Devils LGBT children. Psalm 12:8 “The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.” Insanity Protected by Law? Why are those who claim to be the opposite gender, Encouraged in their Madness today? They should be Counseled: Reality escapes you - Your Mentality Embraces Delusion and Denies your Biology. But Truth is a Foreign Language among Ruling Elites. So, instead, Dr. Frankenstein Drugs and Mutilate them - Believing he is helping them; which one, of them is Insane? They both are products of: Congressional and Media, Driven Insanity. Medical Malpractice to Appease Depraved Lunacy: Mocks God’s Creation of male and female, sons and daughters. Lawmakers and Judges are writing the sins of LGBT sexual perverts into Law and Infusing the Minds and Hearts of young and old with the Vile Sins of Others. The real hate crime: LGBT is being infused into the minds of minor children. Should, what God’s word teaches about sex also be taught to Avoid Discriminating? National leaders have created a perverse - LGBT Golden Idol of Depravity; and are forcing all to bow the knee to it. Congress and Judges have Showered it with Praise, Victim Status, Honor and insane Protections by Law. Refusing to Honor and Respect the Idolatry of LGBT sexual and human depravity, that God proclaimed as evil brings attacks by the State and the Mad Left Media. The Devils’ Faithful are shouting: “Do Not Discriminate” regarding LGBT. Close your Heart and Mind to God’s Word, Blind yourself Truth and Discriminates Against God and All who Believe God. Should another B and I be added to the LGBT Banner to avoid “discriminating” against Bestiality and Incest? American and European Lawmakers and Judges are doing the, same thing, that the ancient king of Babylon did. Daniel 3:7 “All the people, nations and men of every language fell down and worshiped the golden image” as they were commanded. Synagogue and Christian leaders - instead of Calling for Repentance - are also bowing down to the: LGBT Idol of Human Depravity and calling it “Love” when it is - Worshipping the Devil. The Satan Inspired, Mad Left Media, is Driving, Like a Blind Mule, the Minds and Hearts of National Leaders. Effectively, Law and policy Like “Freedom of sexual orientation” protects some - Special People - from disapproval; and, give them License to Disapprove of, Hate and Attack, Not so Special People. Those who would call on sexual perverts and those who praise them to Repent. Who in Congress was the first idiot to utter the imbecilic concept of: “Freedom of sexual orientation”? That is a wide gate into human depravity. Sexual perverts will be sexual perverts without Law. So, why do we need law promoting sexual perversions; that poisons the hearts and minds of young and old? Because, The States Dictatorial Conspiracy is to impose: The attitude of State Leaders and the Mad Left Media - into the hearts and minds of all. Resulting in, Mind Control; Intellectual Slavery. Laws and government policy protecting - Special People with Special Rights: Determined by Race, Gender and a strange variety of sexual perversions are Tyrannical. State Leaders: Impose Ideological Tyranny - LGBT-Nazi Indoctrination on All - to appease their Adopted - Special People. Diversity Training Today Is Victimization Ideology, Racist Person of color advantages and LGBT-Indoctrination. Who are the Victimizers and Non-Believers in: Victim and LGBT Advantages and Protections for - Special People? Should they be - silenced or free - to proclaim what they believe also? Employees and students forced to take - Diversity Training - Why? To appease the Infallible State. Is that freedom? No, it is Ideological Tyranny. To arrive: Political Devils suggesting that employees, volunteer to wear LGBT support merit badges, in the work place? And, Requiring men to take “Sexual Harassment Training” Is: Sexually Harassing Men. Guilty or Innocent by Gender? Are there any real men in Congress or Parliament today? No, they all are intimidated and emasculated by: Sexually Perverted, but Special People; and Macho Women who are, Loud, Continually Accusing, and Never Content. Heartless and Promiscuous Women: Have managed to gain “Special Rights” from feminized men and macho women in power: The right to kill the innocent babe in the womb. Murder of the helpless and innocent: Has been legalized. Men and all who disapprove, have been stripped of the legal power to stop these bloody women and defend the innocent. God weighs the “Motives of the Heart”. The motives of men and women in power and the women with child are evil. The “Right to Life” of the innocent babe is stepped on. Message from democrats to women: Be as Sexually Promiscuous as you like, darkness prevails. Your despised but innocent child will be drop in our Bloody-Baby-Disposal; as, guilty and bloody, Mad Left Democrats Cheer. Special Female Right - Sexual Attack License: Has been granted. No Man is safe from these women who are, sexually active, then become, vindictive against men; if they: Are Not Required - to bring charges immediately. The Bible states: Deuteronomy 22:24 - A women who does not scream for help immediately is sexually participating and must be punished. Are women who delay bringing charges of sexual assault or rape: Effectively Protecting their Assaulter or Rapist for the amount of time it took them to accuse? Yes, Vindictive Liar is she. By the time the - Average women finishes college she has had sex with 5 to 8 different guys. Should she have the - Special Right - to accuse any of them days, weeks or years later of Rape or sexual assault? No, she should be prosecuted for making false charges. Everyone is Equal? If that is true, then: Do All Laws Protect Everyone Equally? No! Congress and Judges have given, “Special People” – “Special Rights” and protections by law. To pander for their approval and appease the Devil’s Bloody and Perverted Disciples in the Mad Left Media. Lawmakers are presenting - Special People - as superior, and their Rights more valid than the Rights of others? Racist Diversity Training: LGBT Indoctrination classes should be banned. These divisive classes Promote as Victims or Condemn as Victimizers based on Race, Gender and Sexual Perversions. The “Person of Color” statement is: Abusive and Racist. It Includes Everyone - Except White People. Thereby degrades and marks, white people as Not so Special and exults others because of race as “Special People”. Instead what should be educated is in Scripture: Love God and “Consider others better than yourself” - Not yourself a Victim of others. Brothers and sisters Repent. Judgment Day is the Day of your Death; you will not remember being dead. John 5:28-29 “A time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice and come out – those who have done good will rise to Live; and those who have done evil will rise to be Condemned.” The Price of salvation from Sin and Death, has been paid. Our Father in heaven paid our debt of sin; by the great suffering and death of his Son Christ Jesus: Sacrificed for you and me. Praise God. Richard Frates – [email protected] – January 21, 2019
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