Waseca Christian Assembly

Connecting with our God, our Neighbors, and our World Waseca, MN
Waseca Christian Assembly
Waseca Christian Assembly
Waseca Christian Assembly
Waseca Christian Assembly
Waseca Christian Assembly

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900 14th Ave SE
Waseca, MN 56093-5172

(507) 833-1082


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Who We Are

A church where real people interact with a real God and find life changing solutions to real life issues. A place to grow in you knowledge of God and His Word: to develop and sustain friendships that will last a life time: where you can use your God given abilities to minister to others and Him: where its okay to make mistakes and keep on going and growing in relationship with God; where you will be encouraged to be and do more that you ever though possible: where you can experience Missions and not just give to Missions

About Us

Multigenerational, Down to Earth, Casual, Spirit-filled

Community Service, Children's Ministry, Youth Group, Missions, Nursery, Adult Education

Contemporary, Hillsong-style, Traditional Hymns

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Our Services

What are services like?
Our Sunday services are 90 minutes in length with a time of singing up front that includes a variety of music and music styles so not many would feel left out. We often take time to pray for the sick or those with needs and you might expect to hear the gifts of the Holy Spirit being used. We do occasionally use pictures or videos to make announcements, promote activities or as sermon illustrations. And of course there is the preaching of the Word, generally taking about 30 -40 minutes.

What is the community like?
We have a variety of ages, educational backgrounds and social groups - but we are one church. We understand the church is the body of Christ and is made up of many and varied parts, all of which are different and needed. You'll find love and affirmation here, but also a continuous nudge to continue growing in your relationship with the Lord

What if I'm not a Christian?
Our experience is that God loves people where they are for who they are, but He loves them enough to never level them that way - He comes in and changes us from the inside out. We understand that is a process and we love helping people into and through the process.


Brad Wickersheim

Brad Wickersheim

Grew up attending church with his family, gave his life to Jesus in the summer of his 8th year and felt God calling him to ministry soon there after. Attended North Central Bible College, now North Central University, in Minneapolis majoring in Pastoral Studies. Was a youth leader from 1988 - 1992 when he "officially became a youth pastor, until 2000. In July of 200 he was elected as the third pastor of Waseca Christian Assembly, where he continues to serve. He has been involved in short-term missions since the late 1980's, having led more than 17 different trips. Is also passionate about planting new churches and seeing old churches become revitalized here at home. Brad has been married to Gayle for just over 25 years; and they have 3 kids: a daughter in college, a son in High school and another son in JR High.

What Members Say Add your voice

  • It was so exciting to learn about and then get to know the Holy Spirit. Growing up Presbyterian I only heard the word Holy Spirit when a baby was sprinkled with water. I did not know that God sent The Holy Spirit to be with us and to be in us. He comforts us, helps us make good decisions, rebukes us when we have a bad attitude, teaches us the meaning of the scriptures and helps us to be good and kind. I am so glad that Assembly brothers and sisters took me under their wing and made me part of the church family. They are trustworthy and loyal, good listeners and good huggers. When you go to church here you get to sing out in pure joy and praise and the presence of God joins us . I love hearing and learning about the whole Bible not just 2/3 of it which is what main line churches tead.
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