Tree of Life Open Bible Church

  • Tree of Life Open Bible Church
  • Tree of Life Open Bible Church
  • Tree of Life Open Bible Church
  • Tree of Life Open Bible Church
  • Tree of Life Open Bible Church

Who We Are

Tired of Boring Christianity? So are we.

God invented creativity, which makes Him infinitely more creative than we can ever wrap our brains around. We believe that a relationship with God is an exciting supernatural encounter that builds every day. Tree of Life Open Bible Church is here to help show the world how EXCITING God really can be.

Tree of Life is a non-traditional group of young people in the Pittsburgh Area who desire to have a spiritual connection with God. Tree of Life connects individuals with others of similar likes to create a meaningful and dynamic environment to help people just like you branch into a divine place.

Tree of Life sponsors more events than you can wrap your iPhone around. Check out our calendar to see what’s going on this week in Oakland for you. Tree of Life offers various types of worship services as well as numerous get-togethers, fun trips, outings, dinners, concerts, and even more. Creativity fuels the membership to continue to try things differently.

Feel free to dress however you feel comfortable to any of our events. (Our Senior Pastor is known to preach in blue jeans, tshirt and no shoes!) God is more concerned with the fact that you are coming than what you wear! He wants you to be at peace in every area of your life. Don’t feel like you have to put on a show at Tree of Life. We are real people with real issues. We also know that God’s power is greater than any problem we have ever faced. Isn’t it about time you started to connect to Him?





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  • 06:30pm - Service


Lance Rhoades

Lance Rhoades

Lance Rhoades is pastor, church planter and entrepreneur. He was dramatically touched by God as a teenager and moves under a strong prophetic mantle. Lance has been called a modern day mystic by many. His heart is to see the world reached with the message and the power of God. Pastor Lance utilizes technology to train and release disciples all over the world. He has devoted his life to helping people embrace the supernatural in order that they might be set free from negative spiritual forces influencing their lives. When Lance isn’t busy ministering to his community, he is building websites and social media strategies for ministries. He lives with his wife and two children in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To learn more about his church, visit


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  • Mary Freeman
    I don't live in Pennsylvania. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, but I live in Louisiana. I want to know if there are people that goes to people's homes and do a Bible study . I have a friend that needs to know God and have a relationship with him. Please get back with me. My email is [email protected]
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