Total Deliverance Church of God by Faith

Where The Doors Swing On The Hinges of Love Kansas City, MO
Total Deliverance Church of God by Faith

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5401 N Sycamore Dr
Kansas City, MO 64119-4137

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Who We Are

Total Deliverance is a ministry that seeks to minister to the whole man (Body, Soul, and Spirit). We are a multicultural ministry that accepts all manner of people regardless of ethnicity.
It is our mission to be a "Beacon of Light" in a dark world serving our community and enhancing the quality of life of our neighbors by preaching and teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ.

About Us

Casual, Creative, Down to Earth, Spirit-filled, Friendly, Progressive, Multigenerational

Community Service, Faith and Work, Children's Ministry, Food Pantry

Gospel Choir, Contemporary





Our Services

What are services like?
Warm welcoming Spirit filled services. Very Word of God and interactive Bible Study.

What is the community like?
Multicultural and racially diverse.

What if I'm not a Christian?
We want you here. We do not judge or condemn you, for it is not our place to do so. We teach the unadulterated Word of God without compromise and then we love you to wholeness.

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Elliot McPhatter

  Elder Elliot B. McPhatter was born and raised on the Lower East Side of the borough of Manhattan in New York City, N.Y. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior at the age of twelve under the leadership of Rev. Thomas McCamery, pastor of Church of the Bible Crusaders.   At the age of seventeen Elder McPhatter joined the U.S. Air Force where he had the opportunity to travel to many different places and to experience many different things. It was during this period that Elder McPhatter became prodigal and left his first love, Jesus Christ. After seventeen years of what Elder McPhatter called doing his own thing, Elder McPhatter met and married his true love, Sandra Robinson in Rochester, NY. Elder and First Lady McPhatter married on June 30, 1995 and they both gave their lives to Christ two days later on July 2, 1995. Elder McPhatter credits his wife under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for pulling him out of a life of addiction to drugs and alcohol. In his own words Elder McPhatter says that God must have showed First Lady McPhatter the man that he would one day become which gave her the tenacity to stick with me in spite of my faults.  Elder McPhatter served under the leadership of Dr. David C. Rourk, pastor of Greater Adams St. Church of God by Faith for nine years. It was during this time that Elder McPhatter received and accepted his call into the ministry. In September of 1998 Elder McPhatter preached his first message entitled “The Choice is Yours”. In his capacity as an associate minister under Dr. Rourk, Elder McPhatter founded the street ministry “Gospel in the Hood”, facilitated the Drug and Alcohol outreach ministry, and was a co-facilitator of the B.L.O.C.K. ministry which fed the less fortunate in the community. In June 2004, Elder McPhatter and His family moved to Shreveport, LA as a result of a job transfer. It was in Shreveport that Total Deliverance Church of God by Faith was born in the home of then Min. McPhatter and First Lady Sandra McPhatter on September11, 2005. After three years of ministry in Shreveport, Elder McPhatter was once again transferred to Kansas City, Mo. After much prayer and fasting God made it clear to Elder McPhatter that although the location has changed the call on his life has not.  On February 4, 2010 God breath a fresh breath of life into Total Deliverance COGBF and the ministry had their first service at the Embassy Suites hotel in Kansas City, MO.   Elder McPhatter was ordained as a minister of the gospel under the leadership of the Church of God by Faith,Inc. examining board in December of 2005 after completing four years of ministerial training. In December of 2009 Elder McPhatter was consecrated as an elder after he successfully completed an additional four years of ministerial training. Elder McPhatter is the founder and senior pastor of Total Deliverance COGBF located in the beautiful city of Kansas City, MO. Elder and First Lady McPhatter have five sons Oscar (deceased), Timothy, Elliot, Evan, and Eric and three grandsons.

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  • Please pray for: -intercession against natural disasters, attacks, future pitfalls -world leaders, people and authoritive figures to be binded to the will of God -unsaved loved ones and friends -Covid virus to lose power immediately without reoccurence -no reoccurence of devastating fires, tornadoes, viruses, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters -world situations that are causing havoc -ozone layer to be replenished -healing for first responders, doctors and fire fighters -economic recovery -speedy recovery of body, mind, intellect, senses, spirit, will and emotions for family and friends without relapse, longevity, health, happiness, success -eat healthier with necessary supplements - Paul's protection and the Holy Spirit to guide him, good job, take away his fears and anxieties -victims of trauma and other mental illness issues -God to prepare his people for the end times in a non-frightening manner -travel mercies for loved ones -family to be careful as well as others while driving -ability to work full-time without complications -provision and protection for missionaries, pastoral families and brothers and sisters -favor, guidance from the Holy Spirit, provision, protection, discernment, knowledge, wisdom, miracles, finances, debt paid off as soon as possible -business connections -people to stop being so promiscous and more education awareness of HIV and STD's -accreditation for my school -intercession against enemies attacks in spiritual warfare -scams to be revealed -thieves to be exposed -curse of mental illness to be broken in my city -victory in dispute against landlord case with words and guidance to win. Conviction to perpetrators. Not first case -intercession against ploys of enemy and his servants -deliverance from delusional and hallucinative thinking for loved ones -hold every thought captive and obedient to the mind and will of Christ -deliverance from bondage, oppression, depression, anxiety and ocd -enemy to stop harassing mind -family curses to be broken -break ungodly soul ties -racism to cease -jobs for family and friends without any difficulties -cease all the live abortions -sister to get a suitable job with benefits and guidance to locate it -guidance for work -intercession with fentanyl and narcotic crises, too many deaths of the youth -loved ones to return to studies -healing damaged organs, cells, tissues, cancer, etc in family and friends -Mother's shoulder to be placed back into the joint socket and set -intercession against assaults, rapes and other violent acts of crime as well as car accidents and other traumatic events -faith childlike -brother to be more careful with driving -less car fatalities and accidents -dying, grieving, ill, depressed, broken, helpless, naïve, poor, needy, desperate, spiritually inept -answers -understanding of dreams and visions -healing of aunts cancer and familys trauma -healing gums and teeth -set boundaries and say, “No.” -finances to be recovered for family -new home if God's will, guidance to locate it -conviction to cheaters, enablers of sin and injustice -spouse to stop being stupid and ignorant -healing nervous system and damaged organs -return what enemy stole -connections -guidance and protection for first responders -help for the dying, troubled, lost, naive, vulnerable, persecuted, mentally ill, desperate, suicidal, addicted, outcasts, poor, youth, disabled, students, helpless, hurting, lonely, grieving, aging, ill, needy, abandoned, fearful, elderly, homeless and disabled. -deliverance from anxiety, delusions and fear -power to forgive and move on for family and friends -people to be kinder and respectful of each other -restoration of broken relationships and marriages -authoritive figures to stop abusing their power, cease bullying -erase damage caused by others ignorance -reverse curses -power to fight off enemies attacks -strength, restoration and drive -intercession against scandals -truth behind the lies and slandering against my loved ones and friends -miracles, faith -positive outlook on life, not to dwell on past -loose confusion -addictions, depression and anxiety -revival, deliverance ministry to be restored, strong movement of the Holy Spirit -intercession against the housing and rental crises -approval legal papers(work, rights, etc.) -not to be affected by others traumatic events -loved ones to have a safe, non-stressful and non-turbulent trip -global warming not to affect environment -people to be more courteous with smoking and rudeness -stop the triggers and flashbacks -discernment for church lleadership and pastors -a spiritual awakening for loved ones clueless -stop environmental, GMO and carcinogenic poisoning -EMF exposure decreased and detract to where it came from -enemies not to prevail and enemies weapons formed against loved ones not to prosper -weather chaos to cease -people to stop taking advantage of my family b/c of our kindness -everyone to binded to the will of God including world leaders -intercession against nuclear, biological, radioactive, environmental and catostrophic warfare -thorough understanding of studies -Speedy healing for Paul, bleeding to cease -healing for those suffering form covid as well as the traumatized -Godly spouses for single family members -break ungodly soul ties for loved ones -stricter gun laws -road rage to stop -more peace, world leaders to incorporate godly laws, cease communism -tougher immigration laws -oxygen levels to increase -jobs for family members and friends -desensitization -unforgiveness issues -cease live abortions -Holy Spirit to prompt me to speak in tongues when needed -wages to increase God Bless
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