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The perfect place for imperfect people

Welcome to The Experience Church. We’re glad you’re here. . No matter where you are from or what path you’ve traveled to get here, know that you will be warmly greeted and accepted at TE. When you come through the door, grab a coffee and a snack at our cafe, then make your way into our theater to prepare yourself for a HIGH-IMPACT, CREATIVE WORSHIP EXPERIENCE. You will be encouraged and inspired by a relevant, biblical message that will help jump start your journey with God.

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What to Expect

What are services like?
Fully-Charged Music Music is a big part of TE church. We believe just because certain music has a good message, it doesn’t necessarily make it good music. We strive to give you the best possible music you’ve ever experienced ANYWHERE. TE’s music is for all ages, all backgrounds, all cultures, all people. Creative Production We use lighting, video and technology to its fullest degree. The bible says, “In the beginning , God created…”, and that we are made in His image. Therefore, we have been designed in His image to be as creative as possible, and through this, God gets honored and people get excited… Relevant, Biblical Message The messages delivered at TE events are always applicable, biblical life lessons designed to apply God’s unchanging word to our crazy, constantly changing lives. The bible is more than a history book written by and about people thousands of years ago. Its a book that is divinely inspired by God for us to apply in our lives today. The bible says that “God’s word is full of living power” and designed to tell us who we really are and that our lives actually mean something to God and to each other. Great People The Experience is ultimately about relationships. First with God and then with people. Jesus commanded us to do two things – Love God and love each other. At The Experience, you will find people who are motivated by this very commandment. We know that we aren’t always perfect, and some days are filled with challenges, but Experience days are opportunities to share our victories and our defeats with God and each other. It is our desire to help people become more and more like Christ everyday through a transformational relationship with Him and each other. Length of the Service The worship experience typically lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes. Dress Code Casual, comfortable…just be you. What About My Kids? We have great youth programs and activities for kids from 1 year to High School. Your kids will love it!

What is the community like?
Our church is incredibly diverse, ranging in age from young kids to seniors, although the majority of our people are young to middle age adults.

What if I'm not a Christian?
No problem...Our church is about building relationships, with Jesus and each other. If you have little or no church background, we build our service with you in mind. You will feel right at home!

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  • Barbara barcus
    I absolutely love TE Church! There was a time in my life that I was having a very hard time dealing with life. I was in a relationship for 30 years and I felt and believed my life was good. I was happy and thought wow as great in my relationship but it all came crashing down on me! He left me for another woman and I was devastated! Had a mental breakdown, I didn’t care about anything or anyone . I isolated myself from my family and friends didn’t pay my bills I just didn’t care . That led me to drugs! I was at my lowest! A few weeks later a friend ask me to come to church with him , told me how great it made him feel when he came to the church. I said sure why not . Everything he told me about was even better than what he said!!! When I sat down and there ice started I was in awe! Everything that Pastor Tim had talked about pertained with what was happening in my life ! He tells it in a way to which I can understand everything! That Sunday after the service I walked out of the doors and had a very wonderful feeling about everything! It made me feel so good and to this day I can’t thank my friend enough for asking me to go!! Ty TE and Pastor Tim you saved my life!!!!
  • Duncan Nyozani
    Dear Pastor, Calvary greetings to you from Malawi. We are a bible believing church here in Malawi - Africa looking for partnership with your ministry. We are very happy to come across your contact on your website, and we are interested in your ministry. We would like to learn a lot from you and serve together in spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are an independent ministry, we are not affiliated with any denomination. Therefore, we invite you to come to Malawi to minister to our churches through preaching, teachings, training, or conference. Your visit will be a great blessing to many souls here. People are hungry for the Word of God, we are praying that the Lord God will lead you in this matter. Looking forward to hearing from you. God bless you, Pastor Duncan Nyozani Searchlight Ministries P. O. Box 104 Migowi Malawi
  • David and Teresa Anderson
    I love everything about the church everyone is 100% real and everyone cares about everyone
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