The Church of The Resurrection (ACNA)

  • The Church of The Resurrection (ACNA)
  • The Church of The Resurrection (ACNA)
  • The Church of The Resurrection (ACNA)
  • The Church of The Resurrection (ACNA)
  • The Church of The Resurrection (ACNA)
  • The Church of The Resurrection (ACNA)
  • The Church of The Resurrection (ACNA)
  • The Church of The Resurrection (ACNA)
  • The Church of The Resurrection (ACNA)

Who We Are


The Church of The Resurrection is an Anglican church (ACNA) in the process of formation and planting. By God's will, the properties that are to characterize Resurrection Church are that it be historic and traditional in content, as well as fully:
• Christ-centered
• Spirit-filled
• Bible-based
• Prayer-saturated, and
• People-focused
May God bless and answer the prayers of his people, “thy kingdom come!”

Our Services

Service Times

  • 10:00am - For more info on times and meetings, check out

What to Expect

What are services like?
There are a whole bunch of adjectives that could be used which, taken together, capture something of what RezChurch seeks to be (but which are no substitute to just coming and experiencing things for a month of Sundays): -- traditional (liturgical) -- sacramental -- contemporary -- rich, yet accessible (multi-media, simple) -- casual and contemplative -- reverent and relaxed -- authentically... • Christ-centered • Spirit-filled • Bible-based • Prayer-saturated, and • People-focused

What is the community like?
Just being formed, and committed to establishing a community that is friendly, welcoming, open to all and authentically Christian.

What if I'm not a Christian?
Then come and find out what a group of Christ-followers do when they gather to worship God, hear about Jesus from the Bible, pray, and love and care for one another. Anyone and everyone (YOU!) is welcome to come, connect, belong, and grow... COME: Worship God as others have for centuries. CONNECT: With God, and with others who seek to authentically follow Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. BELONG: You are important to God. Allow yourself to explore and become important to others. GROW: You were created to become like Jesus. Come along with others for the journey.


Fr. Michael Beggs

Fr. Michael Beggs

Born in 1961 in Seattle, Fr. Mike received Christ at the age of 15. Wanting to deepen his knowledge and understanding of the Bible and the study of God, he attended Seattle Pacific University where he graduated with degrees in Biblical Studies and English Literature in 1985. Struggling with a call to ordained, pastoral ministry ("No... not me?... really?"), Mike attended Perkins School of Theology at Sothern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Meanwhile, before graduating in 1992, Mike met Teresa and got married (1991) and pastored several churches in Arkansas and Texas. After this Mike and Teresa moved to London, UK where Mike worked as a Research Associate in Theological Education at The Centre for Educational Studies at King's College, University of London. While in London, Mike studied for a Ph.D. in Christian Theology at King's College, London, and became the father of Joshua (1994) and Jeremiah (1996). Moving back to the States, he worked at Boeing for three years before re-entering work as a pastor and receiving his Doctorate in 2003. After pastoring three different churches in Washington State, Mike joined the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) and began the work of planting The Church of The Resurrection in 2009. Mike continues to love and serve God, and testify to the goodness, mercy and grace of God in Jesus Christ! “Seeking the Lost and Growing the Found,” remains the all-consuming passion of The Church of The Resurrection's founding pastor, Fr. Michael Beggs.


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  • jim beardsley
    Just checking on pastor Beggs. Am an old 'associate'.. Shoot me an email Michael [email protected]
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