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Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire! Denver, CO
St Catherine of Siena Parish
St Catherine of Siena Parish

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St. Catherine of Siena Parish and School is a Catholic Community of God's people of the Diocese of Denver located in Denver, Colorado. St. Catherine of Siena Church was founded in 1912, nurturing our Catholic life as individuals, families, and parish community.

St. Catherine of Siena Parish’s desire is to grow in faith and in union with Jesus Christ and with one another. Through worship, prayer, education and action, we seek to respond to the challenges of the Gospel in Denver and throughout the world.

As we pass on our Catholic heritage from one generation to the next, we are called by Jesus to be a living community of God’s people through worship, teaching, and service. We strive to provide an authentic Catholic vision of who we are and who we are to become through our pilgrimage of faith at St. Catherine of Siena Parish. We care for each other as Jesus has taught us and to extend that care to others beyond our community.

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Traditional Liturgy, Multigenerational, Young families

Adult Education, Children's Ministry, Young Adults, Youth Group, Choir, Preschool, School, Food Pantry

Traditional Hymns, Contemporary



English, Spanish


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  • In Memory of Cindra and Chili from the King County needle Exchange in Seattle. To whom it may concern: This message has been sent to the board of the Council of Foreign Relations and members of their steering committees!!! I'm starting to get sick with HIV. The Family refuses to let me get treated for it. I'm sending these messages out so that in the event of my death that it will not go unnoticed and I will be checked for the presence of HIV which I know I have. Hackers will only let me transfer one email at a time with copy and paste so I'm sending it out in small batches. The Family made HIV and is guilty of treason. It was Dr. Robert Gallo of the university of Maryland who created the virus. They can be reached at The Patriot movement has evidence of this and a lot of other crimes the Family has committed including 911. Another crime the Family committed was the Jonbenet Ramsey murder to try and smear past history of mine involing Steve Miles. They had Steve Miles murder Jonbenet and it backfired on them. I've written much about this previously and maybe you can get your hands on those writings if you are interested. OHSU has created a vaccine for the HIV virus and this information came out in about 2007 and it's still caught up in the FDA and has not been acted on. It's a cure to the HIV virus and will take it out of your blood. OHSU was involved in the Forest Park murders where they tried to frame me for serial rape and murder but the guy who did the work was caught doing it. I wrote about it in my Treason Affidavit submitted to the Portland FBI office in March of 2012. for a copy of it contact thier office at 503 224-4181. I had interactions with two FBI agents who where undercover named David Mickie and Dan Johnson. Dan Johnson was murdered over it. Dan Johnson was gay. The Family thought that since they sexually abused me as a child they could get me to sleep with Dan and frame me for sexual assualt. Dan was the best lead guitar player I'd ever played with. I'm not gay so it didn't work. He was murdered to cover it up. As far as David is concerned they tried entraping me and framing me for things involving chemistry. He went so far as to try and get me to manufacture the explosive C-4 which I wanted no part of. He is an excellent house painter. Both these guys were exceptional at their covers. Dave Mickie lives in Vancouver Washington. There are psychology records that tie OHSU to the murders. I left copies at Oreily house on NW 18th street in 2004 after I met Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family. He told me he'd had more pussy then me and I was shocked the good doctor was tracking it. He had pussy monitors on the ground tracking my every move. If I'd known I was competing with the great Dr Dobson I'd of done better. It's not fair that he'd compete with me like that and not tell me about it. Many of the pussy monitors were later murdered to cover it up. The Catholic church was also involved. I thought Doctors had more important matters to attend to especially famous ones like Dr. Dobson but I guess I was wrong. Focus on the Family can be reached at [email protected] for comment. They are in Colorado Springs. You can get thier number through but on a more serous note the doctor really did say that and more pussy then me. Many pussy monitors where murdered to cover it up but after the passage of time it became clear that the good doctor would have also knew my biological family in Texas and maybe even my father as well. Heidi Huebel who's married name is actually Hitt of Hitt list real estate in Longview Texas has been a big participator in this situation. She is my cousin. She was involved in the situation when I was only twelve years old. She can be reached for comment at (903) 720-2684. My family did manage to have me dosed that summer with psilocybin mushrooms while I was in Houston which aided in the drug problem they intended to create in me. This was the summer of 1975. Dr. James Dobson was a Skull and Bones member which is a secret society out of Yale University. They recruite for the CIA from Skull and Bones. They were involved in creating fictious circumstancial evidence before the murders where committed. There was also members of the Portland Alano club involved including a person who pretended to be my sponser named Jimmy Coen who helped me get a cheap Volvo as part of the plan. They needed me to have a vehicle because I could't possibly transport prositutes without one. I'm not implying I saw prostitutes when I say this but they needed to be able to show I was able to pick someone up and transport them to Forest Park. Portland Alano club can be reached for comment at (503) 222-5756. The URS club in Portland also had a historical participation on the situation before and after this. Prior to the Forest Park murders the URS club had incidences which involved Suzette Buttorf and her daughter Rochelle. Suzette was originally from Texas and associated with my biological family there. There was also a guy named Bob Dean at the URS club who may still be around. Around the time of the Forest Park murders there was also a teenage girl at the Portland Alano club who was involved named Kim and later murdered to cover it up. There was also a pretty girl with long black hair who was Sean's girlfriend and had many years of sobriety who was also murdered over it. They got around on Sean's small motorcycle. She was actually part of the solution and lost her life over it. I wrote about the Forest Park situation in my treason affidavit filed with the Portland FBI office in about March of 2012. I wrote that part of it in 2004 closes to the date of the murders. The motive was that I knew the HIV virus was man made and I was involved in getting condoms in high schools around the world to slow the spread of Aids. In 1993 I was indoctrinated into the Patriot movement shortley before the Oklahoma City bombing. I discussed this extensively on the blog. I provided material support for the condoms in the school actions in Seattle Act-up in 1992 and was noted for being involved with it. I also had notority in the Seattle music scene as well. I was presented with a video called Dr. Strecker memorandum in 1993. Dr Streckter thought they couldn't discover a vaccine but OHSU in fact did. He explains his findings regarding it being man made and how it was released onto the world. OHSU was working on a cure and they wanted me behind bars because they were afraid I'd bring attention to it. Here is something on the good doctor. His video the Dr Strecker memorandum can be seen at: I got another vehicle after that, I didn't get the Volvo running and women started be murdered in Forest Park and people started pointing the finger in my direction then Todd Alan Reed was caught doing it. Most people have been murdered to cover it up since it happened in May 1999. At the time it happened I was living at NW 23rd and Marshall just down the street from the Portland Alano club. I had been dating a girl named Louise from the club just prior to the murders who was also involved. Shortley before that relationship I dated a girl named Cheryl Pyne which was also relevant to the situation. There was also a guy named Drew who has a doctrate but I'm not sure for what that was also around the club later in 1999 right around when it happened, I believe Drew was actually a good person. There was also a person named Harrison who had been sober for a couple of decades who was very much involved in the situation which I made reference to him in my treason affidavit. There was also a lady named Claudia Brown who had intenation media connections who was aware of the murders before they happened who was a member of the Alano club. The Portland Alano club was very much involved in it. The club is located at at 909 NW 24th st in Portland which is at NW. 24th and Kerney Portland Alano club can be reached at (503) 222-5756 for comment. Here's a link to the information about the HIV vaccine: . The Family has also stolen my inheritance from more than one person because they want to keep me broke. It's a lot of money they have taken. They even cut me off from the will of my old girlfriend Melissa Binder who lived in Bellevue Washington. The total is enough so I'd never have to work again in my life. I could share it and others wouldn't have to work either to give you an idea of the crimes they've committed against me. Sergeant Detective Mark Bailey in Seattle also put me in his will and he's no longer with us either over this situation. Seattle Police Guild can be reached for comment at (206) 767-1150. I worked for Mark Bailey for a few years doing fundraising for the Police and the Shriners. He was the Seattle Police Guild circus chairman when I met him in January of 1990. Other members of his family including his daughter Deborah Bailey and his brother Brian Bailey were also murdered over the situation. Brian Bailey was the sales manager of Marks fundraising operation. I had dated his daughter Deborah and there was an issue regarding me and Deborah Bailey's daughter that never materialized that got all the three members of the Bailey family murdered. There was also a friend of mine named Gordon who was involved in about 1993 who was murdered by another friend named Ed Clark. The motive to that was huge. Alan Dawson who was working with the Portland Police Association was also murdered along with many of my co-workers. Alan Dawson taught Mark Bailey the business long before he was murdered in Portland. The Portland Police Association can be reached at (503) 225-9760 for comment. I understand that my father John Gilbert Huebel from Stockton and my step mother Janet Huebel in Manteca California were also murdered. There is much more to the story especially in Portland but not nearly enough room to include it, in fact Portland history lead to the murder of my sister Margaret Ellen Williams in January of 1996. Because of Stark Firs involvement they have a historical account of the situation and they can be reached for comment at 503 252-9454. Sincerely Paul G. Huebel
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