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Radical Unbreakable Spiritual Holy New Haven, CT
Rush Church United

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155 Temple St.
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Who We Are

The RUSH Church belligerently reaches out to people who are far from God. Although our approach is anything but traditional, we believe in and preserve a conservative theological position. We are Radical; One who advocates fundamental or revolutionary changes in current practices, conditions, or institutions. We are Unbreakable; One who is not able to be broken, removed, destroyed of defeated. We are Spiritual; One who is of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. We are Holy; One who is connected to God.

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Our Services

What are services like?
Weekend services at The Rush Church are all about Jesus. Whether through worship, giving, or the message, we want to make Him famous and know Him better. When believers gather in one place, with one heart and one vision, something special happens. Hearts are healed. Hope is restored. Faith grows. And relationships are forged that stand the test of time.

What is the community like?
The Rush Church United lead by Pastor Marcus Gill is a church for all. Our gatherings are designed for fellowship, worship, preaching and teaching of the word and for breakthrough. The message of faith for healing, deliverance, evangelism and prosperity is deposited into every heart that is open to receive it. We make Kingdom impact in the sanctuary and in the streets.

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Marcus Gill

Pastor Marcus is a yielded vessel to the will of God for his life. He has not only understood the will of God but it has become the call on his life, to repair the breach, restore the old waste places, and lead the way to prosperity. His approach to ministry focuses on bridging the gap of cultures, ages, and society by offering a sound that is relative to every listener. Marcus is chosen by God to do great works for a time such as this. His ministry is designed to reach lost souls and inspire believers. By faith Marcus believes that we all have been given a "license for victory" that can never be revoked. He is the Founder and Lead Pastor of The RUSH Church United in New Haven, Connecticut.

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  • I just saw a post that had your churches name at the bottom of it. It read: "Your entire family will prosper because of your faith" Please show me in God's Word where it teaches that.. My email is [email protected] I would love to discuss this with you.
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