River of Grace Lutheran Church

Caught up in God's love for the world Manassas, VA
River of Grace Lutheran Church

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15012 Dumfries Rd
Manassas, VA 20112



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Who We Are

A new congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), River of Grace shares in the mission +Love God+Love People+.
We are a vibrant and diverse community of faith, seeking to welcome people into a life-changing awareness of the love of Christ.

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Lutheran (ELCA)



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Connie Thomson

Connie Thomson

Pastor Connie says she loves God and loves people, and nothing makes her happier than helping people discover new ways to walk with faith through this thing called life. She loves to read, she has a heart for Scripture, and she's -- well -- a little goofy. We like that about her. It helps us relax and have fun at church, all the while learning about how to bring life and faith together.

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  • What a horrible experience! River of Grace Lutheran Church ELCA has a theme 'love God + love others' and I witnessed first hand the pastor telling someone's personal information and showing such rudeness and disrespect to minorities. With this kind of love no one needs hate! The pastor was drinking beer and cursing in the church while telling people that homosexuality and adultery is not a sin. Ummm... did Pastor Connie Thomson (aka Constance Andrea Thomson) ever read the bible??? Sodom and Gomorrah. If you want your personal information advertised to her personal group and a lack of confidentiality, this is the place to be! This lady has ruined manny lives and is trying to develop her own personal cult. The Jim Jones of Manassas is Connie Thomson. If she cant get your attention by that Connie will perform for you with fake tears, puppy dog faces and more. I feel sorry for the few genuine people that have fallen prey to this scheme. They beg for money each week because the pastor wants her fat check of $98k even tho the church cant afford bare necessities and pay employees and she doesnt care whether you have enough for your family. The church pays for her to eat panera bread red lobster and other restaurants everyday while she tells peopel to "sacrifice for God" Its more like give to support her beer and food!!!!!!! I heard her cruelty firsthand saying how stupid the people are and Im appaled that she's calling herself a person of God! Try calling and asking "Pastor" Connie for food or help -- their response is 'we don't do that' You would do better to be an atheist than follow Pastor Connie Thomson at this place.
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