Returning to Truth Ministries

We're imperfect people serving a perfect God! #RTTMTP2B Detroit, MI
Returning to Truth Ministries
Returning to Truth Ministries
Returning to Truth Ministries
Returning to Truth Ministries
Returning to Truth Ministries
Returning to Truth Ministries

Who We Are

We are a young energetic Church with a sense of what young people want but we are rooted in our traditional teaching of the Apostolic Gospel. We are located in the City of Detroit and want to be a part of the rejuvenation of the city. We are imperfect people serving the Perfect God. We aim to make God's love relevant, accessible, and transferable. Our passion for spreading God’s love is the driving force that pushes us to offer hope and excellence to everyone we encounters. Praise is truly on the inside, we are taught by the honorable Bishop Vincent Yancey that "the only way up, is down". Meaning take joy in serving. We are a mega ministry that above all strives to serve the Lord.

About Us

Casual, Creative, Progressive, Young, Hand-clapping, Hip, Spirit-filled, Friendly

Choir, Youth Group, Young Adults

Passionate Reverent, Hip-hop, Praise and Worship, Gospel Choir





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9016 Van Dyke
Detroit, MI 48213



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Our Services

What are services like?
Service at RTTM are very real, again we understand that God is too big to put in a category so the experiences are never the same. There are times God moves and we are on 10 ,turnt all the way up and then there are times where the worship is slow and sweet then there are times when we are just humbled by God and very quiet. Whatever the mood it’s a sincere feeling but outside the "service" we're very cool and fun loving people

What if I'm not a Christian?
That's cool, we're not here to speak the same messages to people. Christians sometimes aren't the best examples of how to be like Christ. If you have a good heart and a love for God then this is the place to be and if you don't know about Christ but want to learn more this is the place to be. We don't sugar coat this walk but we want to make it as real and enjoyable as possible for our CSP's ( wanna know what a CSP is got to come by to find out) and hopefully we see you there.

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Vincent Yancey

Bishop Vincent Edward Yancey was born September 17, 1965 the eldest of 3 children. Bishop Yancey served under the leadership of Pastor Robert Shackleford in every capacity of his church home Greater Whole Truth Pentecostal including choir director, junior Deacon, chairman of the Deacon board,youth Pastor , Assistant Pastor and whatever his hands could find to do he did it. In January 2003 he was lead by God to start Returning to Truth Ministries. Pastor Yancey was consecrated to the Bishopric in August 2010, Bishop Yancey serves as the 1st Presiding Prelate to Bishop James E. Kellem and has been appointed State Bishop of Michigan with Dominion Covenant Fellowship. In 2018 Bishop joined Rhema International Fellowship of Churches under the direction of Bishop Eric Lloyd. Bishop Vincent Yancey has done a great deal of positive work in District 3 of Detroit. As Pastor of Returning to Truth Ministries he is a leader in the community and spiritual sector. His passion for spreading God’s love is the driving force that pushes Bishop to offer hope and excellence to everyone he encounters. Praise is truly on the inside, Bishop visits churches in his downtime, just to be in the house of the Lord. He teaches "the only way up, is down". Take joy in being humble and serving. As the Bishop with the Heart of Gold he aims to make God’s love relevant, attainable, and transferable.

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  • RTTM is truly the place 2 be, services are real but laid back. We understand no one comes to this point of wanting to know the Lord unless you're either born into it so church was kind of forced on you or you got to a point so low you have nothing else to lose. The great part is that's where God's been waiting on you this whole time and at RTTM we're a group of ppl who all hit that point and now we're just trying to understand what our mission is in his ministry hope to see you there until then later days.
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