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Peñasquitos Lutheran Church

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14484 Peñasquitos Drive
San Diego, CA 92129


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Who We Are

Our Mission Statement…

As followers of Jesus, we joyfully teach and practice loving God and loving others while inspiring all to follow Jesus.

Our Purpose Statement…

United in Christ’s love, we exist to magnify God as we joyfully worship Him, welcome people into membership in His family, teach them the Holy Scriptures so they may grow to maturity in Christ, equip them to serve in the ministry of His church, and send them out on God’s mission to the world.

Our Vision for the Future…

PLC is where 2000 people worship every week. We have a reputation in the community for joyful services where God’s presence is felt and lives are transformed through the power of the Gospel. We’re known for our life-changing Bible-based education programs for all ages. It is obvious that here the Great Commandment and Great Commission are taught and practiced. Here families are strengthened, individuals are nurtured and children are our most precious resource.

The Good News is that God has acted on our behalf in Jesus and through Jesus we can experience a life-transforming relationship with God.

About Us

Casual, Traditional Liturgy, Spirit-filled, Friendly, Neighborhood-focused, Young, Lively

Community Service, Faith and Work, Addiction/Recovery, Children's Ministry, Young Adults, Youth Group, Choir, Missions, Nursery, Adult Education, Food Pantry, Preschool, Seniors Ministry

Contemporary, Praise and Worship, Traditional Hymns

Lutheran (LCMC)





14484 Peñasquitos Drive
San Diego, CA 92129



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Our Services

What are services like?
You are here: Home > What Are Services Like? What Are Services Like? PLC’s Mission, Purpose and Vision statements all use the word “joy” and that is behind our philosophy of worship. It’s a time to come together as a church family, as God’s family, and say thanks for the joy that God gives us through every circumstance. The idea is that God “works all things together for good” (Romans 8:28) and even in our darker days, God is still there working to bless each of us. And so we meet together on Sundays to give our thanks, our praise, our love and our needs to God to be in our every day. Sunday mornings at 8 & 9:30 a.m. find that joy coming through our ensemble’s music, the prayers we pray and the messages we hear. The 11:00 am service is more traditional in nature, utilizing in part the Lutheran liturgy (LBW), and maintaining a joyful tone via the organ-accompanied hymns and Bible-based messages. No matter which service you attend, come knowing that PLC is a family-friendly, music-loving place; casual in style but serious about faith. Questions are welcomed…and so are you. Join us this weekend?

What is the community like?
What is a Christian? Peñasquitos Lutheran Church is a Christian church. Christian describes one who believes that Jesus Christ came to earth to die on the cross to pay the price for human wrongdoing (known as sin); and that after three days Jesus was raised from the dead. As a Christian congregation we base all that we do on the teaching of Jesus Christ found in the Bible. As followers of Jesus we live our lives in a way that will help others come to know Him, too. We strive to love others as God loves us and to live out the forgiveness we have in Jesus Christ. Why are beliefs important? There are many in our day who discount the role of beliefs. Beliefs are treated much like a weather vane which changes and shifts with the wind. But what we believe is much more important and stable than that. Our beliefs are much like the rudder of a ship which directs its course, often away from danger. As a Christian congregation our beliefs are not pulled out of thin air, but are rooted in the Bible, consisting of both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Our beliefs are shared by Christians down through history and around the world. Without such beliefs our lives lack a foundation. God We acknowledge and believe in one God in three persons – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We believe that God the Father created the universe. He is loving, compassionate, just and kind. His deepest desire is to live in an intimate relationship with all people. We believe that, because of His desire to live in a relationship with us, God became a human being. Jesus Christ, born of a virgin, is fully God and fully man. Through His death and resurrection, Jesus made it possible for all people to live in a relationship with God. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6). It is only through Jesus that people can enter into a relationship with God. We believe that the Holy Spirit is the presence of Jesus Christ among us. Through the Holy Spirit we experience the love and power of God. The Holy Spirit gives each Christian special talents and abilities so that we can serve others. The Bible With Christians around the world we believe in Jesus Christ as recorded in God’s Word, the Bible, and summarized in the Apostles’ Creed. Through the Bible, God reveals Himself to us. We fully and completely accept the entire Bible, the Old and New Testaments, as God’s inspired Word for all people and believe that it is without error. As Lutheran Christians, we believe that the Scripture alone is the source of truth and faith. God’s love is undeserved and unearnable, yet through faith in Jesus Christ we are declared right in the sight of God. Jesus Christ, who died and rose again, is at the center of all that we do. Humanity and Salvation Humanity is separated from God because of sin. The Good News that because of Jesus Christ, forgiveness is possible. We refer to this as salvation. Salvation is not something that we earn; it is a gift of God received through trusting in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit brings us into the community of believers and followers of Christ; this is what we call the Church. Our goal is to live and die as Jesus did, reaching out to the poor, sick, alienated and oppressed; those that are easily forgotten. We believe in the return of Jesus Christ. He will return to give eternal life to those who trust in Him and to judge those who do not. Though we don’t know when He will return, the Bible says we must be ready and make the most of life today. The Sacraments We believe that a sacrament is something commanded by Jesus Himself; that has a visible, earthly element, and imparts the forgiveness of sins to those who receive it. With this view of the sacraments, we teach that there are two sacraments: Baptism and Communion. Baptism is the application of water in the name of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in response to the command and promises of Jesus (Matthew 28:19, 20). In Baptism, we believe God embraces and adopts us as members of His family. Since we see Baptism as God’s act and not ours, we baptize people of all ages, as all are in need of this gracious gift of God. Communion (or the Lord’s Supper) is more than just an ordinary meal. It is shared with baptized Christians as a way of connecting with God and with one another. We believe that through the Lord’s Supper, God comes to love us and forgive us. It is a meal of renewal in which Jesus is really present. In the Lord’s Supper, God is acting in and through Jesus Christ to extend forgiveness for sins and to empower His people to live fully for Him.

What if I'm not a Christian?
We want to serve you and your family through our ministries in any way we can. Our staff is available to speak with you personally, to talk to you about your faith and encourage you, and to help you connect with the class or program that interests you. We invite you to worship with us soon!


Sean Kelly

Pastor Sean Kelly is a graduate of California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA (Bachelor of Arts, Music), Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN (Master of Divinity), and Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA (Doctor of Ministry). Pastor Sean served as Associate Pastor at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fridley, MN for nine years before joining the PLC pastoral team in July of 2007. Sean is married to Jenny and they have four sons: Lance, Kyle, Andrew and Jack.

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