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Serving Families for Jesus Christ

“The rhythm of our worship is from our Lord to us, and then from us back to him. He gives us his gifts, and together we receive and extol them. We build one another up as we speak to one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Our Lord gives us his body to eat and his blood to drink. Finally his blessing moves us out into our calling, where his gifts have their fruition.”
Dr. Norman Nagel

"What should occur in this house of God is that our dear Lord Himself speaks to us through His Holy Word, and that we, in turn, speak to Him in prayer and songs of praise."
Martin Luther

Worship has two components:
God reaching out to His people through the Gospel of Christ in Word and Sacrament, AND
God's people responding together in thanksgiving, praise, and prayer to the wonderful things that God has done.

Our Services

Service Times

  • 09:30am - Service
  • 07:00pm - During Advent and Lent

What to Expect

What are services like?
The Lutheran Church is a liturgical church. That means that the basic pattern of our worship is drawn from services that have been used by Christians for many centuries, all across the world. The components of the liturgy come from the Bible and serve to focus our worship on the Word of God and our response to it in faith. Our liturgy is filled with hymns and responsive songs. At every service, you will receive a pre-printed program that contains the liturgy and all the hymns of the day.

What is the community like?
Our community of faith here at OSL is one of the most welcoming you will find in Houston. We fellowship often through our various groups as well as regular churchwide social events. No matter where you come from or what your background is you can find a home here at OSL.

What if I'm not a Christian?
Our Savior Lutheran holds to the Christian faith as taught in Sacred Scripture and set forth in the ancient creeds of Christendom and the confessions of the Lutheran Church included in the Book of Concord (1580). If you are not a Christian, we welcome you to come and hear God's Word preached faithfully from our pulpit. We pray the Holy Spirit would open your heart and give you faith to know Christ as your Savior. Not being a Chirstian it is important to understand what it is that we believe. Below are the fundamentals of the Christian faith as given to us through God's Holy Word, the Bible. /////God - We believe that there is one God who reveals Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, became a man that He might offer His innocent life in our place as the ransom price for the salvation of humanity. /////The Bible - It is our firm conviction that the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God and that the prophets and apostles who composed the sixty-six books of the Bible were inspired by God the Holy Spirit in such a way that each and every word which they wrote is, in fact, the Word of God. Therefore, the Bible is the only reliable, authoritative source of Truth about God and His plan for the salvation of humanity. /////Law and Gospel - We believe the Biblical message of Law and Gospel. The Law declares that with the fall of our first parents Adam and Eve into sin every human being became sinful by nature and thus completely unable to earn or even contribute to his own justification before God. By nature we are all spiritually blind, dead, and enemies of God. The Gospel proclaims that God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. /////Word and Sacraments - Our faith is God's gift to us, created and sustained through the means of grace which He has established - the Gospel in Word and Sacrament. Accordingly the life of this congregation is that of a family of forgiven sinners who come together around the preaching and teaching of God's Word, the cleansing water of Holy Baptism, and the true Body and Blood of Christ in the Sacrament of Holy Communion. /////Salvation - Jesus Christ came to reconcile us with God. He lived a life without sin and willingly died on the cross to pay the penalty for our transgressions. God raised Him from the dead and now, by grace, offers as a free gift eternal life to all who follow Christ, by faith, as their Lord and Savior. That is why salvation can be found in Christ alone. /////The Church - The Church is meant to be the visible body of Christ, sent into the world to glorify God and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. /////Resurrection - We believe that Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead. We eagerly anticipate the Day of His Coming and yearn for the joy of eternal life in heaven with Him.


Laurence  White

Laurence White
Senior Pastor

Pastor White has served as Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church since June of 1981. Pastor White is a regular speaker for national pro-life, pro-family organizations across America. In that connection, he has had the opportunity to address millions of Americans through national radio and television broadcasts and has spoken to nearly 20,000 pastors across the nation. Pastor White also serves on the National Advisory Board of the Family Research Council. In 1997, Pastor White was awarded a Doctor of Divinity degree by Liberty University of Lynchburg, VA, in recognition of his efforts on behalf of the pro-life movement. At Our Savior, Pastor leads various Bible studies throughout the year on Sundays and mid-week.

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