Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection

Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection

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We are a warm and welcoming community with a great diversity of people, young and old, native New Yorkers, transplants, and immigrants. We are united in a community that believes that we can experience God’s love and sustaining presence in our lives. We seek to acquire the Holy Spirit through the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Scriptures and the the life and activity of the Church as His continuing presence in the world.

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  • Ariel
    This Cathedral is very warm and welcoming. They are true witnesses to the Good News of Jesus of Nazareth. Even though this Eastern Orthodox parish is in the city, they truly are compassionate and most kind. They truly walk the walk and talk the talk. You don't have to be Eastern European or Middle Eastern to attend. This Cathedral welcomes all people. I am forever grateful for this faith community. The Cathedral is helpful for many people. They truly prove that it takes a village to raise a child. A lot of our young people have amazing guidance here. Yes I know this Cathedral is not a village but they make the Big Apple feel less lonely. This spiritual home of mine has so many amazing and unique human beings. I am forever grateful. You will never find any other place like this.
  • ekaterina
    This gorgeous cathedral is home to a very vibrant multicultural parish. Orthodox Americans from many different backgrounds and the visitors from all over the Orthodox world meet here to worship and for good company. The combination of ancient traditionalism and 21st century diversity creates a unique spiritual experience. This is truly a special sanctuary in the very heart of the Big Apple.
  • Richard
    A splendid cathedral on 2nd Street in the heart of the city. We've been attending for nearly a decade and find the expressive dimensions both inspiring and familiar. With a mixture of Eastern European and American members, we have the pleasure of worshiping in an inclusive community. Tourists should feel free to stop by and linger.
  • trfcc
    It's great to be a part of FaithStreet for networking with other churches in NYC! If you're interested in the Orthodox Church, or just want to experience one of it's ancient sung liturgies in English, please visit us!
  • Jaana
    I have attended the Cathedral since 2001 when I moved to New York. Such a warm, diverse community of Orthodox Christians from different backgrounds! If you are interested in Orthodoxy, stop by and come and say hello to us \bookstore ladies\" at our well-stocked bookstore (open after services)."
  • Sara
    This is a parish of the Orthodox Church of America. You don't have to be Greek or Russian to partake of the 2000 year spiritual heritage which is the Eastern Church. I converted to Orthodoxy here after being agnostic for decades. The priest and deacon here are always available and give sound spiritual guidance for those of us who know we need it! There is so much guidance here for prayer life, for true forgiveness of ourselves and others, for life among all people--who are all to be treated as if they were Christ. It is difficult! If you are looking to change your life, this is a supportive parish. It was here that I started to read the Bible as a spiritual guide, not as a history of Jesus Christ. God bless the 2nd Street Cathedral and all its members! A great time to come is on a Saturday evening for Vigil. This is the service to prepare for Sunday's liturgy. The Cathedral is lighted very low at times during the service and the tone is contemplative. Also, feel free to ask questions (in a hushed tone of course) to anyone you see. You will feel at home.
  • joseph alfredo
    When I walked inside the 2nd Street Orthodox Cathedral, my first impression was that I am walking into a Sacred Place where no one is concerned with who you are or where do you come from, so as an Brazilian Orthodox I felt quite at home and to make my impression even stronger I heard one of the most powerful sermons a priest could deliver. So if you are looking for a Church with a diverse ethnic group and solid Christian teaching....This is the place!!!
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