Oasis of Praise Church of God

  • Oasis of Praise Church of God
  • Oasis of Praise Church of God
  • Oasis of Praise Church of God
  • Oasis of Praise Church of God
  • Oasis of Praise Church of God

About Us

We would be happy to have you worship with us at Oasis of Praise Church of God. Our worship is informal and spontaneous. It is based on the pattern of the Word of God. Our church is more than a building! Our church is people! People who worship together! People who pray together! People helping people! We invite you to do more than attend a service or come to a building. We invite you to become one of us, a part of the church.

Our Services

Adult Bible Study, Student Worship Service, Children's Classes, Nursery
Morning Worship Service, Nursery, Children's Service
Sunday School for all ages


What Members Say

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  • Anonymous
    "Tell us what a newcomer can expect." Okay, sure. Expect to be wowed and captivated. Maybe you're drawn in by the exceedingly large choir with the fancy stage lights. Maybe you're drawn in by the amount of classes for every age. Whatever it is, prepare to be sucked in. You will have everyone greeting you, constantly being introduced to leaders in the church who seem friendly and compassionate. It seems great, right? Wrong. Everything they do right from the start is all a ploy to lure you in. And once you're in it, they will do everything they can to keep you there, especially if they view you as a valuable asset that benefits them. They are also currently actively supporting and backing a charged and arrested child molester and have kicked the victim and their family out of the church in efforts to keep the situation quiet. There are so many things wrong with this church and it's all covered up underneath a veil of glitz and glamor, pulling you in with that "wow factor." They will condition you into thinking that this is the best possible place for you to be. The pastor has mentioned in his sermons before that "Oasis Of Praise is the best church in the area, and if you leave here, there's probably something wrong with YOU." You will be shamed if you even bring up the thought of finding another church. This church is rampant with spiritual abuse. They will take the word of God out of context and use it to condemn anyone who does not fit their agenda. They will do everything they can to push whatever agenda benefits them the most. It's all about money, power, and control. This church is the closest thing to a cult I have ever personally encountered in my life. It honestly wouldn't be too far of a reach to outright call it one. The experience this church leaves people with is nothing short of traumatizing. I say this as a warning to anyone on here looking for a home church; consider anywhere else but Oasis of Praise. Do not be deceived. This church is full of hypocrites, false prophets, and they regularly twist scripture. This church is not a safe place. Ultimately it is your decision whether or not you choose to go to this church. But I assure you, It will not be a good decision to make. God bless you.
  • Ginger
    This is a LIVE Church! Full of wonderful people and awesome music. The one thing that draws you in is the Spirit of God you will feel when you walk in. There is love,peace and joy there. If you don't have a home church visit you will love it.
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