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Not organized religion. Just real church for real people. Roanoke, VA
Layman Church
Layman Church
Layman Church
Layman Church
Layman Church

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5207 Old Mountain Rd
Roanoke, VA 24019

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Who We Are

We train disciples to change their world for Jesus by teaching the scriptures for life-change and creating opportunities for intentional Community, Prayer and Worship so that God will be glorified and people will become whole.

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Casual, Down to Earth, Friendly

Children's Ministry, Adult Education, Nursery, Youth Group, Young Adults






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What are services like?
People will filter in, many talking a mile a minute and smiling a lot. Others more contemplative and quiet. All very friendly. You'll be surprise at how small the congregation is. On a typical Sunday, Layman has 70-90 in attendance. Layman has never been a large church and may never be one. But the feeling of family and belonging that everyone- including newcomers- experience, is unbeatable. The band will take the stage as everyone stands together to sing and worship. A few may place their hands in the air as an act of worship while others might simply stand and sing. Afterward, the pastor will come come up and welcome everyone. Then we'll worship to 2-3 more songs, with an offering taken during this time. We believe this is part of our worship. No one will be pressured to give or made to feel bad if they don't. Instead, those who choose to worship through giving are welcome to do so. After the worship, the children head off to Children's Church in the Fellowship Hall. They'll have fun and laugh a lot as they're taught biblical lessons and play games and make crafts. We then (usually) have a time of contemplative prayer. Then the pastor will come up and speak. There are no big, wooden pulpits for him to pound and while he may get excited, he doesn't yell at you or try to guilt-trip you. Instead, he'll teach from the Bible in a way that's easy to understand. And he'll show how the Bible can apply directly to daily life as people follow Jesus. And you may laugh here and there- that's pretty common around Layman. And there may be some distractions. Babies who have not been taken to the nursery may make noise. Kids may as well. Someone may cough. We do our best to provide a good environment for concentrating on the message. But we don't try to make people feel like they're in a funeral home and have to be absolutely quiet or they'll wake the dead. If that bothers you- and you need absolute quiet- you may want to try a different church. When the teaching time is over, no one will be asked to "walk down the aisle." Instead, the pastor will pray and invite others to pray with him quietly, from their seats. At the end of the service, the Pastor will stay up at the front in case anyone would like to talk or needs someone to pray with. In the end, you'll have spent a little over an hour making new friends, hearing encouraging music and learning more about our God. And you'll carry the experience into your week, refreshed and ready to face it with renewed confidence, enthusiasm and a purpose that is greater than just making it through next the week.

What is the community like?
Loving, accepting, authentic, broken and looking for genuine connection with people just as broken. No put-ons, no "shiny happy perfect people."

What if I'm not a Christian?
This is a great place to come explore what you believe and ask questions in a safe environment where your search is valued and respected.

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Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson

AGE: 51 MARRIED: 25 Years EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Pastoral Ministries Degree (Bachelors Degree), Church Leadership (Masters Degree), Youth Pastor, Church Planter and Pastor, College Campus Missionary (Va. Tech). And I'm sure God is very impressed by all this...(hope you catch the sarcasm!). What's in your mp3 player right now? Daughtry, Jeff Beck, Led Zep, Sabbath, Seventh Day Slumber, Chris Tomlin Why? If you have to ask...well, then, you just wouldn't understand. Most embarrasing moment? It was probably when I lost my swimsuit on a waterslide in Virginia Beach. It was right before school had let out for summer, so the place was pretty deserted (thank God!). I was really overweight back then and when I came down the slide, I came to a stop and a big whoosh of water came past me and pushed my swimsuit off and carried it a good 6 feet on the slide beyond me. The lifeguard never took her eyes off me as she watched me inch my way, legs locked and hand over the appropriate parts, down the slide to my swimshorts. I struggled to put them on without showing anything, then left the place quickly afterwards. Favorite Movies: Matrix, Mr. Destiny, Butterfly Effect, Vanilla Sky, Spanglish Favorite Food: Homemade manicotti stuffed with ground beef, ricotta, etc., and covered in ragu Best Joke You've Heard Lately: 2 cows are out in a pasture. One shakes his head and says to the other, "Have you heard about that Mad Cow disease going around?" The second answers, "Yeah. I'm sure glad I'm an elephant." OH... Saw a T-shirt the other day worn by a tiny infant. It said, "Recently Evicted." Great shirt... Hobbies: Motorcycle riding, reading, XBox with my son and hanging out with the Fam. I used to run trails and mountain bike, but a knee/hip issue is making it a struggle at the moment.

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