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Together, we can open hearts, open minds and open doors. Elkton, KY
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12446 Allegre Rd
Elkton, KY 42220

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Who We Are

Kirkmansville Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in May, 1876, by Rev. Thomas M. Penick.
A small contemporary Methodist Church.

Casual, Friendly, Creative, Down to Earth, Traditional Liturgy, Neighborhood-focused

Traditional Hymns, Contemporary, Praise and Worship

Methodist (UMC)





12446 Allegre Rd
Elkton, KY 42220


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Our Services

What are services like?
Our services are about faith and service to God & community. While we rejoice in our time together during worship and other activities, we know that spiritual life is not confined to our beautiful building.

What is the community like?
We are a small church congregation with room to grow. Have you ever walked into a new situation where you felt like you were on the outside looking in? You will not experience that at Kirkmansville United Methodist Church. Everyone is family and never a stranger in God's house. Any member of our congregation, whether it is at church or out in the community is always a friend to others. We are about fellowship and are always welcoming everyone to experience our Church. We also are working on using social media to stay connected. Join us on Facebook for updates and information about our ongoing growth and upcoming events. is a new Facebook page we have established for all of your informational needs. Together, we can open hearts, open minds and open doors.

What if I'm not a Christian?
If you do not walk through the door of the house of God, how do you know you are not a Christian? If not now, when is it time to experience God? Are you curious? Do you easily come up with excuses as to why you don't have time for church? Well, isn't it time to RETHINK CHURCH? We are here to help guide you through your experience with the Lord Jesus Christ. When you are ready, we are here. It is never too late to find God and invite the Lord into your heart and home.


Michael Ladd

What Members Say

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  • Kirkmansville United Methodist Church is the most wonderful experience you will ever know in your path to finding God. When I came to this beautiful church I was welcomed with open arms, warm hearts and felt like I was never absent from church. My experience was so heartwarming that I have become involved in promoting our little country church. I feel that no matter where you are or what you are doing, it is never too late to take time out of your day and step into the house of the Lord and feel the power of fellowship with compassionate people and the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that you too will come join our church, it only takes one time to become a believer!
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