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Southern Baptist Convention


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  • 10:00am - Sunday School
  • 11:00am - Worship
  • 06:00pm - Sunday Evening Worship
  • 06:30pm - Bible Study and Prayer
  • 06:30pm - Community Gospel Singing


Rev Chris Giles

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  • Michael E Goude
    I am an Elder at Graves Southern Baptist Church. My name is Michael Goude. My Granddaddy and Uncle donated the land to build Graves Missionary Baptist Church. It originally was called missionary Baptist because the SC Baptist Convention ministered to the church until it was able to sustain on its own. Since then the name has been changed to Graves Southern Baptist Church. And we are a Southern Baptist Church. Our doctrine and statement of faith is grounded in Biblical principles. We are conservative in our practices. We preach and teach the Bible and its principles without apology. This is what this church was founded upon and we pledge to follow God's leading in all we do. We still use the hymnals with the beautiful old gospel songs. And we also worship with some contemporary choruses. This church stands today because of its love for God's Word. Everything that is preached or taught is based upon Biblical Authority. We may be a small congregation but we have a great love for God's people and also reaching those who are outside the foal of God. We were once all lost sheep but the Great Shepherd sought us out and brought in to his foal. Our mission is to reach out to the lost and bring the in by the power of the Holy Spirit. This the Great Commission of Jesus and we devote our lives to this call. We have Sunday and Wednesday services and also a community singing on Friday night when we gather together from different churches in and out of our area to praise God through song and fellowship. We welcome all to join us at any service and we look forward to the opportunity of meeting God's children and meeting the needs of those near and far. Because of our size we are limited in what we can do financially but we extend our prayers and services to those in need. God has blessed this church for many many years. The original building was a one room sanctuary built in 1951. It has since been replaced with a larger sanctuary and educational facilities. We thank God for our history but also give thanks for the opportunity to minister in the present. We pray for our great Nation that it would turn to God as it did in its earliest founding. Looking forward to the future and pray God's blessings on every person in God's Kingdom.
    Dear Beloved Brother/Sister in Christ, Greetings in Jesus Name, I am introducing myself through this Email letter Pastor.P. Devadanam I have been Serving for the last 25 years in winning the Lord, reining, and strengthening the Lord Church on faith. I need the support and guidance of saints like you. as I had a vision to approach saints, this letter to approach saints, I am inspired and writing this letter to you to please pray for me and my work in Him and Know the will of the Lord and if inspired please promote my work by visiting us and sharing the mighty word with the people of congregations and towns and reviving , renewing and strengthening them for the extension of his glories very the present local church. Our congregation is ready to offer you an invitation to bring you into our midst to Hear the voice of the Lord through your vision and experiences. In these last 25 years the Lord showed His abundant grace and the people too tasted the love of the Lord this miracles power through salvation and Healing and His miracle touch. I hope and trust that the Lord is sure to fulfil the vision by pouring His Blessings in these last days of His second coming. The Lord directed us in many ways to society besides spiritual growth. . I am eager to help the Poor by establishing orphan children homes and a free rural school. Please consider these projects prayerfully and join us to do His service effectively to bring peace. harmony and growth among the massages of Indian community. I do hope and trust that you can effectively use our time, talents and treasure for winning the Lost. Conveying our Love and thanks to one and all. closing with Love and Prayers, Yours in Him Bonds. P.Devadanam Pastor. Challapalli-521 126, Krishna District, Andhara pradash, South India. [email protected]
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