Faith Baptist Church

Faith Baptist Church: a place to call home and learn God's Word. Freeburg, IL
Faith Baptist Church
Faith Baptist Church
Faith Baptist Church
Faith Baptist Church

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PO Box 150
Alton & High Streets
Freeburg, IL 62243



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Who We Are

Faith Baptist Church is located in the heart of the small town of Freeburg, 30 miles southeast of St. Louis, Missouri, but our heart is around the world. We understand that the Bible is God's revelation of Himself; therefore, we seek to learn about Him by studying that word. Some folks probably refer to us as conservative, and if that means trying to live by the Bible, then I guess we are.

About Us

Casual, Friendly, Conservative, Multigenerational, Lots of kids

Community Service, Children's Ministry, Young Adults, Youth Group, Missions, Nursery, Food Pantry

Traditional Hymns, Contemporary, Blue-grass

Baptist (SBC)




Our Services

What are services like?
Folks come in every day clothing, nothing special. Be ready to shake hands with a variety of people and be welcomed. We start with a few announcements then pray, sing our opening chorus, and have a Psalm read. There are usually a few songs--hymns or choruses. Then there will either be a children's sermon or the children will leave for a special teaching service--two weeks for each. There is typically a special music presentation. The Pastor then preaches an expository sermon that focuses on a passage from the book he is currently preaching through. The scriptures are placed in their context and we seek to learn what God reveals about Himself and how we have to conform to that learning. We end with an invitation to respond to God's call. Then be ready to shake hands some more and be thanked for coming.

What is the community like?
We have some very friendly church members. They will want to know something about you, so please be willing to share and ask about them. We have bed babies, children, young adults, young families, middle age families, senior couples, and widows/widowers. It is a great cross-section even with about 70 in attendance each week on Sunday mornings.

What if I'm not a Christian?
You should hear very clearly how to repent of your sins and accept the free gift of forgiveness that Christ provides. If you choose not to accept Christ's forgiveness, you will still be welcomed and given every opportunity to participate. But please know that the MOST important decision you can make is to accept salvation; it is your greatest need.

Leadership View all

Dennis Morgan

Pastor Morgan is a bi-vocational pastor who works in downtown St. Louis five days each week, so he can relate when his members have had a hard week at work. He is devoted to serving God, loving his family, and caring for his church. He has an Engineering degree from the University of Illinois, a management degree from the University of Arkansas, and his theology (MDiv) is from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served Faith Baptist Church for 11 years. He has a heart for missions and missionary families. His preaching style is what he calls "contextual expository". He takes one passage at a time and concentrates on the context of the original event. He preaches every verse of every text in whatever Bible book he is currently preaching from. We do not start another Bible book until we are completely done.

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  • Hi I am Naomi Hawkins I am reaching out today because I have a message of love that I want to share I have two songs Come together and American People the first song I want to give to the family's that has lost a loved one this year due to the violence the second song I want to give the officers that were gunned down YouTube video called (America a gift to you )¬†¬†share this message and help me to accomplish what god has put in my heart
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