Breath of God Lutheran Church

In the Neighborhood, For the Neighborhood--En el Barrio, Por el Barrio

Who We Are

We are, well, YOU. Seriously. This is a brand-new baby church, growing up in this neighborhood and filled with people like you from this community. There are no life-long members. There are no outsiders. There are no entrance requirements. There is this: a diverse and growing community of neighbors and friends, gathered together by God to worship, to serve their neighbors, to support each other, and to grow in faith. This church is being created especially for YOU. So come and check it out—God might surprise you.

I want to be…
I want to be part of a community where I am loved; where I am welcomed and respected whatever my background, whatever my history; where forgiveness is a reality and new life is possible through Jesus.
I want to be part of a community that takes seriously my questions about God and about life; that is able to talk openly and lovingly about things that matter; that doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but that knows enough to proclaim and to seek to follow Jesus Christ.
I want to be part of a community where I matter. Where I can be involved. Where my gifts will be valued. Where I will be challenged to grow in faith, in serving others, and in understanding.
I want to be part of a community that cares about my neighborhood. That serves and works every day and every week to help our families, children, seniors, and young adults; that is an active partner with our community associations and schools; that loves and cares for those who are poor, struggling, or at-risk.
I want to be part of a community which isn’t segregated by race or class or age or sexual orientation but which welcomes, includes, and reaches out to the full and awesome diversity of our neighborhood and city.
I want to be part of a community which respects and values tradition but isn’t consumed with how things “used to be;” where we are free to teach and preach and study and live out the Gospel of Jesus in new and old ways that connect to us and our world.

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What to Expect

What are services like?

A starting point for us is that worship is something that we do, something which we create together, in which we participate... not a lecture we listen to or a show that we watch. Relaxed, kid-friendly, engaging, challenging. Rooted in ancient Christian orders of worship, and yet within that pattern always seeking to find new ways of expressing our faith and receiving God's gifts. We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday. Especially in our music, but in other aspects of our worship, we intentionally draw from a variety of cultures and Christian traditions. Early American hymns, contemporary music, Gospel music, African-American spirituals, Latin & African music, traditional Methodist & Lutheran hymns, and modern hymnody.

What is the community like?

Our mission field is all of Southeast Baltimore: Little Italy to O’Donnell Heights, Canton to Patterson Park. Our immediate walking neighborhoods are Patterson Park, Highlandtown, and Baltimore Highlands. These are the most diverse and exciting neighborhoods in the city: blocks filled with long-time residents, new arrivals, immigrants, people of many nationalities and ethnicities, and lots of young people. We are two blocks from the beautiful Patterson Park, the best backyard in Baltimore. This is a great place to be and a great place to do God’s work. There is plenty more work to be done: families in crisis, schools in need of help, poverty, drug addiction, and at-risk children and teenagers. We believe it is our calling from God to work together with everyone in this neighborhood to bring about new life, opportunities, and transformation. This is a great part of Baltimore and we are excited to bring people together from across the area to share God’s love and do God’s work.

What if I'm not a Christian?

That's a good question. Well, you don't need us to tell you that there's nothing wrong with not identifying as 'a Christian.' Christians certainly aren't 'better' people than anyone else. And a lot of times it seems like we are actually worse. God doesn't love you any less, that's for sure. Actually, God couldn't love you more even if God tried. Jesus came into this world and taught and died and rose because God's love for you (and all of us, and this whole messy world) is so overwhelming and reckless that God couldn't do anything but come into this world for you. And God's love continues, and Christ continues to come and meet you wherever you are, whether you recognize him or not. And it's got nothing to do with where you happen to spend your Sunday mornings. That being said, you are very welcome to swing by on a Sunday and participate in worship.... even if it means sitting in the back row (with all of the cool kids) and listening and observing and thinking for that hour. We don't have all of the answers, and we're just as messed up as everyone else. But we know that God loves us and that God is up to some pretty exciting things in our lives and in our neighborhood. So we enjoy getting together on Sundays to hear what God has to say to us, to get some spiritual food for the week ahead, and to organize our efforts to serve and strengthen our community here in Southeast Baltimore. Pub Theology, 8pm-9:30pm on Thursdays at the Laughing Pint (corner of Conkling & Gough) is a more relaxed place for conversation and questions and listening. That might be an even better place to start than on Sunday mornings. Shoot, you can just sit at the bar and listen to us without even introducing yourself. And if you feel like joining the conversation, turn around and add your thoughts. And if you feel like we're all crazy or its a waste of your time, enjoy your delicious beer and have a good night anyway.

Our Services

Sunday: 10:30am

Our Weekly Service Times
141 S Clinton St
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 675-5616

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About Us

Lutheran (ELCA)

English, Spanish

Size: Small

Passionate Reverent, Traditional Hymns, Gospel Choir, Contemporary, Hillsong-style, Organ

Neighborhood-focused, Creative, Down to Earth, Multigenerational, Young families, Lots of kids, Spirit-filled, Friendly, Gay affirming, Inclusive, Casual

Community Service, Missions, Young Adults, Adult Education, Social Justice

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Our Services

Sunday 10:30am: Bi-lingual, English & Spanish

Church Leader

Mark Parker

Mark Parker

Pastor Mark Parker Baltimore native, father, sailor, hiker, football player, baptized child of God. Mark is here in this neighborhood for you—even if you’ve never set foot in a church in your life, and don’t intend to do so. Maybe one day you have a questions about God, or need someone to talk to, or wake up in the middle of the night and suddenly realize that you desperately need a pastor… then give him a call. In the morning. Pastor Marcos está en nuestro barrio para ti—sino nunca había entrado en una iglesia en su vida, y nunca entrarás. Tal vez tienes una pregunta sobre Dios, o necesitas alguien para una conversación, o despiertas durante la noche y te das cuenta que necesitar un pastor… pues, llámase. Por la mañana.

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