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"...a church for people who've given up on church." Vestavia, AL
a2 Church
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Who We Are

a2 Church

what’s in a name?

Two thousand years ago there was a group of people consumed by the adventure of following Jesus. They took Him at his word! They were fully alive, passionate and joyful. They were radically different!

These men and women were filled with and controlled by the Holy Spirit. They wholeheartedly devoted themselves to God’s Word. They were committed to doing life together. They prayed with conviction and confidence. When they prayed, things actually happened! They were passionate and God-centered in worship. Their influence and impact eventually transformed the world.

A2 Church is more than a building or organization. It’s a diverse group of believers united by their relationship with Jesus and committed to being an “Acts 2, biblically functioning community.”

See Acts 2:42-47

About Us

Casual, Creative, Down to Earth, Friendly, Multigenerational, Lots of kids

Community Service, Faith and Work, Addiction/Recovery, Children's Ministry, Young Adults, Youth Group, Missions

Rock-n-roll, Contemporary, Hillsong-style





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600 Montgomery Hwy
Vestavia, AL 35216-1845

(205) 447-5948


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Our Services

What are services like?
Every worship experience is unique. But if you had to pin us down, a typical worship experience would include high energy, live music with a great band, and a life-related, down to earth message from the Bible. We believe music is just one of the art forms God has placed within the church. There once was a time when church was THE PLACE to go and see the arts expressed in a way that glorified God and inspired people. It’s our intention to see that happen again in 2012. Our band is live and plays a loud mix of worship music with a “rock” or modern flavor.

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Chris Goins

Chris Goins

Grace... I was born on November 27, 1964 in Chattanooga, TN and grew up in a small Southern town surrounded by a couple of parents who loved me, three younger brothers, great grandparents and loads of aunts, uncles and cousins... Grace... When I was an eight year old kid I was irresistably drawn by the Holy Spirit to ask Jesus Christ to forgive my sin and lead my life... Yeah, I know... I was only eight...but I still remember the moment... It changed my life... In fact, for the last 35+ years I've experienced the wonder, mystery, beauty and grace of a personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. More grace... At the age of ten I met the girl I would ultimately marry. She's the only girl I've ever dated... Janet (that's my wife) and I have been married for more than 27 years (June 2010). Wow! Time sure flies when you're having fun... God has blessed us with three incredible girls. Our oldest girl just graduated from college and will be married an incredible guy named Cody Norton in September 2010... We love you Chels. Our middle girl is a Junior at King's College in NYC... We love you Caley. And our youngest is in seventh grade... You probably won't read this Cam, but we love you, too! What a ride! I know that it sounds strange, but when I was seventeen years old I somehow knew that God wanted me to serve Him in the context of the local church... Janet and I have had the awesome privilege and opportunity to serve as pastors at Maranatha Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and Metro Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Right now, we're praying about how our passion and love for the church is supposed to get expressed and lived out... We'll update you when we know what's next. I've loved the local church since I was a little boy... I really believe when the local church is hitting on all cylinders there is nothing like it in all the world. The church stewards the message of the gospel - the only thing that has the power to change our world. When it's working right God gets lifted up, Jesus Christ is glorified, people are loved and lives get changed. Yeah, I know the church isn't perfect, but the church is so deeply loved by God that He gave His Son to purchase, redeem and cleanse her... If one word could describe my life it would be GRACE... About 37 years I stumbled into grace and my life was changed.

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