Episcopal Diocese of Idaho

About Us

The Episcopal Diocese of Idaho is fellowship and ministries of over 5000 Episcopalians at home in Idaho south of the Salmon River and a small, beautiful piece of Wyoming. Of the thirty congregations that we worship in, some are large, some are small, and most share a more casual approach to our Episcopal style of worship. All of them welcome newcomers - whether seekers or believers. We pray together and ask God for understanding. And, while we take strength from our historic liturgy, we look to the future with hearts and minds open wide.

Parishes in this Diocese of Idaho are faith communities that generate life. The beauty of the Episcopal Church and this Diocese is that we meet you where you are, and together, we are transformed by the love of Christ. You are invited to get to know the Episcopal Church better. You are welcome here!

Contact Information

1858 West Judith Lane
Boise, ID