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At Woodcrest you will hear a timeless message expressed in a creative and compelling way. You will find a clean and secure facility for your kids with trained teachers who care. Hopefully, you will also meet people very much like yourself; everyday people who are trying to figure out what it means to live a meaningful life with God in full view.

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Casual, Creative, Progressive, Multigenerational, Lots of kids

Faith and Work, Addiction/Recovery, Children's Ministry, Young Adults






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Pieter Van Waarde

Pieter Van Waarde

Pieter Van Waarde is a pastor, author and friend of spiritual seekers. He has served the Woodcrest congregation as Sr. Pastor since the summer of 1994. Pieter has a Bachelor's degree in Communications and a Master's degree in both Business Management and Biblical Studies. Born in the Netherlands, Pieter retains a love for his Dutch heritage and still speaks the language today. As the oldest of five children, he immigrated with his family to the United States in 1959. Growing up on the East Coast, he acquired a taste for New York Yankee baseball, New England clam chowder, and Harley Davidson motorcycles. Do those things even go together? At his core, Pieter's passion is walking the path with people. He's fascinated by the journey and adventure of life, and is more interested in examining life's most-enduring questions than rehashing over-used clichés. He is a gifted communicator and writer, and has a real knack for connecting the principles of scripture to the challenges of everyday life. Pieter and his wife Carol, have three children: Pieter, Mallory, and Curran.

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  • We are fairly new to Woodcrest Chapel, but in our short time attending this church, we have met new people, made new friends, Woodcrest Chapel has helped us to become a stronger couple and has helped increase our faith. They've taught us so much about acceptance, love, and true Christianity. Most of all, they've taught us that it's ok to make mistakes. This is a church that is filled with love, friendship, hope, dreams, and people who will walk with you in your journey with Christ and your journey in life. These are truly people who understand that life is a journey, not a destination.
  • From the moment I walked into Woodcrest, I realized this was a church where I could come as I was and could be real with those around me. From the messages to the music, I began to explore what a real life journey with Christ could look like, What I have discovered in this church is that they understand our every day issues and they walk beside us. My children love coming to church because their services (one in elementary and one in high school) are geared to them and their struggles. Over 20 years ago I walked through those doors, uncertainly and unsure of my surroundings and I found a church where I could grow, could engage, and could continue life with others who are all on this journey.
  • Blessed...is the word I would use from our first visit to Woodcrest. The messages and the music we heard...are for real people, doing real life. It goes to the heart and soul of what God wants for us and challenges us to do life the same. At Woodcrest, there is something for everyone, everyday. Classes for all of life's challenges, to celebrations of baptisms. From music that soothes your soul to music to rock your world, Woodcrest brings it all wrapped in the Love and Grace of God's messages. All ages, all church and life experiences is the foundation of Woodcrest ! It is our forever family ! Three years and counting, never looking back !
  • Community. Plain and simple. Woodcrest is a civilization of people living the journey of life together and relying on one another to grow closer to Christ. That includes humility, transparency, and celebration. The Pastoral staff walks the walk. The weekend services and mid-week ministries are customized and communicated in a way that resignates with everyone and my family loves the environment! I can't imagine being anywhere else.
  • I have been going to Woodcrest for about 9 years and dont plan on going anywhere else. Why? From the day I came thorough the doors of Woodcrest I have found nothing but the love of other people. I found that this is a church full of people who will love and accept you, no matter what. This is truly a church full of people who will help you survive the storms of your past and help you to find the peace and joy that you are intended to have. This is a church where you are allowed to recover from whatever has hurt you and you dont have to say "I'am fine"when really your not. We do LIFE together in a very real sense and we accept each other. Thank you Woodcrest for showing me love and acceptance and therfore I can now show the same to others.
  • For the past 9 yrs my wife and I have come back, week after week. It's not like we don't have choices, we do. We come back because it is simply HOME! My wife will tell you that from day one through the door I have felt comfortable and unashamed. Many people are responsible for this welcoming feeling. In my brokenness, I have always felt welcomed and loved. This church is full of people who don't judge, they just try to help. In response, I have been blessed to explore my spiritual gifting and in turn been a help to others. Community is a place where you are welcomed unconditionally, just like God does. We are living, breathing and healthy. If you want a place that you can feel safe and loved then come to The Crest!
  • Woodcrest is the only church where I have never fallen asleep mid-service. Seriously, I've never been to a church that works harder, both the staff and volunteers, to put Christ's teaching into usable and manageable portions for all. Sit back and enjoy the coffee and service until you feel at home, but then I recommend volunteering to get the full flavor of what Woodcrest can be. There's a place for people at all levels of faith. It's a good experience for even long-time Christians.
  • Woodcrest is simply amazing. Each week brings new insights into how faith intersects with "real life," backed up by a concert-like worship experience. I only discovered Woodcrest three years ago and ever since I've been captivated by the love and thoughtfulness of the staff and congregation. I'd highly suggest giving it a try.
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