Trinity Grace Church Park Slope

Joining God in the Renewal of All Things Brooklyn, NY
Trinity Grace Church Park Slope
Trinity Grace Church Park Slope

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237 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217



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Who We Are

Trinity Grace Church Park Slope is part of a larger network of churches organized like New York City itself: by neighborhood. We believe our lives are better when we spend time in and care about where we live. That's one reason why we have several neighborhood churches and hope to start more as time goes on: so you can go to church close to home. We call this neighborhood model The City Parish—like the traditional Catholic or Episcopal church, we have many neighborhood churches that are part of a larger, unified network. The larger network is able to do things that a single neighborhood church can't do on its own—for example, run a counseling center—and also knits each small church into a bigger, citywide movement.

Our Beliefs

Trinity Grace Church is not affiliated with a particular denomination. We hold to essential orthodox Christian beliefs as best expressed in the historic creeds of our faith—the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed—as well as the Evangelical Statement of Faith.

Our Vision and Values

We want to be the church, rather than simply attend it. Our vision and values reflect this ideal, and encourage us to look both inward and outward as we learn to allow God to shape who we are both as individuals and a community.

About Us

Passionate Reverent






Caleb Clardy

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  • It's a very artsy place. Balanced teaching. They have reese's peanut butter cups in the back
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