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The Superior Word

Who We Are

We are a small, Bible believing church for those who love the Lord and His superior word. The love of God in Christ impels us to carefully handle this precious gift He has given us. Thursday night Bible study and Sunday prophecy update and sermon are available on-line by going to the church website and clicking on "LIVE."

About Us

Casual, Conservative, Multigenerational, Friendly, Down to Earth


Praise and Worship, Traditional Hymns, Contemporary





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6512 Superior Avenue
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Our Services

What are services like?
We open with a psalm and a prayer, have a greeting, enjoy a few songs, have a weekly prophecy update, have a detailed sermon which carefully analyzes the Bible, and then we take the Lord's Supper. Between the update and the sermon, we have snacks of something yummy.

What is the community like?
Most congregants are mature believers who know their Bible well, but some folks simply want to know their Bible well. This is the place where both are accommodated.

What if I'm not a Christian?
You will learn why you should be, how to grow in your faith, understand how to share your faith, and be ready to do so because you have come to cherish Jesus Christ and the beauty of God's word.

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Charlie Garrett

Charlie attended Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2009. He was ordained at Grace Baptist Church, Sarasota in 2010. He has written an analysis of every verse in the Bible from Romans 1:1 to Revelation 22:11. His sermons include detailed studies in Hebrew and Greek as well as the cultural, historical, and pictorial aspects of the text presented. Charlie has been married to his wife, Hideko, for 36 years. They have two grown children and a house full of Chihuahuas.

What Members Say Add your voice

  • I found out about Superior Word from the Sergio and Rhoda in Israel You Tube channel. They plug the church in their videos and Pastor Charlie is also featured in their video of the 30 mile Good Samaritan hike. I also have a You Tube channel and book on Amazon that emphasizes, as Pastor Charlie, Sergio and Rhoda do, the Messiah in the Old Testament. In fact the full Gospel Message is within Leviticus 23.
  • Praise the Lord for men that sense the calling of God in their lives to teach the word. I can’t imagine a world without Pastor Charlie Garrett who reeled me and my wife into studying devotionally through wonderful expositions of the Bible. I’m thankful for his character, and his undeniable faith in Jesus. I’m an online attender, and yet I can see he truly loves people and follows the Lord in Truth and Spirit! I pray Superior Word Church grows spiritually strong more than numerically! Although, the more people the better! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
  • I have been attending Superior Word online for a couple months. I go to church online because I can't seem to find a church in my area that isn't teetering precariously on the edge of apostasy or have drunk the koolaid all together. Superior Word is my fellowship and my church Family. Charlie is down to earth, compassionate and obviously loves the Lord. He preaches the genuine Word of God...Old and New Testament as well as informative Prophecy updates that are spot on. He is also a very approachable Pastor who is always happy to entertain comments and questions via email. Superior Word is also a praying church that cares about people. I have not visited in person yet but hope too.
  • Superior Word Church is just what my husband and I want...Pastor Charlie Garrett is a most accommodating man with a keen and genuine interest in teaching scripture with compassion and knowledge of both Greek and Hebrew. The Sunday service begins with prophecy starting in Israel and ending in Mongolia. We learn how international events impact our world and how they tie in with scripture. We take communion with each other and spend time learning more than just names and faces of the loyal followers. Please consider joining our church family.
  • Make no mistake, Charlie and the administrators at The Superior Word will friendly and gracious as long as you agree with their opinions. If you do not and express it, then instead of addressing these issues, and agreeing to disagree agreeably, they will ban you and shun you. I brought up a couple of issues with Charlie. One was another opinion of the Revelation 12 sign in September, which I maintain does not involve a date for the rapture, though it is (in my opinion) a genuine fulfillment of Rev. 12:1-2, and his use of the pejorative "fakistinian" in his prophecy updates, which I see as setting a stumbling block in the way of unbelievers and placing an unnecessary political litmus test in front of the Gospel. The issue of Palestine can easily be explained without the use of pejoratives that serves no Godly purpose. I have since been unfriended, blocked, and any comments I have made on his YouTube channel have been removed. I have supported and promoted his ministry previous to bringing up these issues. I have since been treated like an enemy because I hold a different opinion on a few peripheral matters - the core of the Gospel I agree with Charlie on, as well as Once Saved Always Saved. But that doesn't matter - it seems if you don't agree with Charlie, you better not bring it up, or you are persona non grata. It is 100% Charlie's way or the highway in this ministry.
  • I love the people I attend with. I don't know of a more loving group of people anywhere. Thanking the Lord for His wonderful kindness to me in this regard.
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