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  • Steven Niswonger

    Steven Niswonger

    Pastor Steve has a passion for sharing the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping God's children grow into maturity in Him. Pastor Steve was filled with the Holy Ghost at the age of 11. A prodigal son of sorts during his teen and early adult years, Pastor Steve provided God plenty of opportunity to show forth His great mercy and forgiveness. As a young man in college, he began to feel the call of God on his life. It became clear that God had a greater plan for him than he could see at that moment. In March 2001, the call to serve in ministry became irresistible and changed the course of his life forever. An avid seeker of Biblical Truth, God has transformed Pastor Steve into an effective and challenging Bible teacher. Never satisfied with leaving people in mediocrity, Pastor Steve seeks to pull the congregation into spiritual excellence in Jesus Christ. He is both relaxed and intense in an honest presentation of the great Truth found in Scripture. He believes that this Truth is not only for your life as a whole, but that is applicable in very practical ways in your day-to-day living. Pastor Steve's greatest concern for you is that you understand what God is speaking to you in His Word. He is always open to questions and enjoys taking the time to help you as an individual discover a deeper understanding. In July 2005, Pastor Steve and Jenesa were married. Jenesa is a loving, caring, and anointed woman of God. Together, they have three children: Caleb, Nathan, and Maicie. Having lived in the Saginaw valley area for most of their lives, Pastor Steve and Jenesa are committed to seeing this community thrive in the spiritual riches offered through Jesus Christ.