• Shivaun Wilkinson

    Shivaun Wilkinson
    Missioner for Parish Engagement

    The Rev. Shivaun Wilkinson — or Mother Shivaun, as she likes to be called — was called to St. Nick’s in May of 2013 to become our Missioner for Parish Engagement. As Missioner, Shivaun’s mission is to make the church as permeable as possible, inside and out. In its most ancient and literal sense, the word parish referred not just to the bricks-and-morter building, nor just to the members of the congregation that in habited that building. Rather, it referred to the community served by the church in that locality: not just the community inside the church walls but the community outside them, too. The building was the merely the nexus which enabled that ministry and Sunday worship services were merely its starting line. As our Missioner for Parish Engagement, Shivaun has a dual role: To help those of us who are members of the congregation finding their ministry at St. Nick’s and to the to the community. and To invite the community we serve to come and see, and to find a way that they, too, are called to be the hands of God in the world.

  • Ashley Myers
    Parish Administrator

    The Parish Administrator does the administrative work of the parish, including producing worship bulletins, maintaining the calendar, handling regular communications of the parish.

  • Andy Aviles
    Rector's Warden (Sr. Warden)

    Elected lay leader of the Vestry (church board)

  • Mindy McCartin
    People's Warden (Junior Warden)

    The junior warden is the second highest elected leader of the Vestry (church board).

  • Ken Howard

    Ken Howard
    Rector (Sr. Pastor)

    A Christian of Jewish origins, Fr. Ken is the founding pastor and first rector of St. Nicholas Church. He is also the author of the book "Paradoxy: Creating Christian Community Beyond Us and Them," which describes a third way being Christian that transcends divisions, honors differences, and nurtures unity in diversity in the love of the living Christ.