St. Mary Catholic Church

A Catholic church in Kirkwood, NY

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Similar churches often offer music styles like traditional hymns, contemporary, and passionate reverent. Programs like adult education, community service, children's ministry, choir, and food pantry are also typical. by FaithStreet

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975 New York Rte. 11
Kirkwood, NY 13795

(607) 775-0086

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  • Всем привет. Оказываем услуги: ремонт частотных преобразователей, ремонт устройств плавного пуска, модернизация промышленного оборудования, ремонт силовой электроники, автоматизация технологических процессов, наладка промышленной автоматики, ремонт промышленной электроники: SMC921000, ATV61HD11N4Z, EI-9011-010H, CFW-090054TDDBZ, CIMR MTIII 5.5, CIMRE7Z40152A, EQ7-2075-C, CIMRV7CU21P54, CIMRV7AZ20P20B, FR-A740-09620, ATV71EXC5C11N4, CIMR-F7Z40P71B, CIMRV7SC20P47, CIMRG7U25P51A, ATV312HU55N4B, CIMRV7AZ21P50B, FR-A540L-450K, ATV71HD18N4Z, FR-V540-15K, FR-F720-00770, FR-F520-11K, CIMR-VCBA0006JAA, CIMR-E7Z40900B, ATV71HC11N4, MP1200A6, ATV71WD22N4A24, EQ7-4010-C, SJ700-750HFUF2, N3-410-C, VZA2015FAA-S5030, 3G3PV-A2055, CIMR-F7Z41P51B, CIMR-G7C40P71B, PA7300-4025-N1, M100-01100056A, FR-F720-04750, ATV61E5U40N4, ATV32HU30N4, FR-F520-22K, VFD150B43A, VFD015EL43A, SVX002A1-4A1B1, M400-01100017A, ATV212HU15M3X, M400-094002000E, MP1850A4, SMC932000, FR-V540-55K, CIMRJ7CC40P70, FR-S540-0.4K, C102001, M700-06200440A, ATV61WU15N4U, FR-E710W-050, CIMR-G7C20151B, M700-10202830E, E1-P7002 250H, FR-A720-00900, E1-7011 040H, CIMR-VCBA0001BAA-1000, X4-0100-312, MP900A4, CIMR MTII 11, 3G3PV-B420K, CIMRV7AZ20P40B, VFD075B43A, EQ5-4015-N1, M400-06400470A, P3-E520-3.7K, CSX-075-V4-C1, ATV71WU55N4, ATV71HD90Y, ATSU01N206LT, SJ700-1100HFUF2, ATV71HD45N4383, SMC920300-P, EI-9011-050H, M700-10203000E, MA7200-2002-N4, M810-03400100A, ATV71EXS5C40N4, CIMR-VC4A0004BAA-1000, CIMR-F7Z40550A, GP102030-1M, FR-F740-09620, FR-S510W-0.75K, CIMR-G7A40300, FR-A220-22K-UL, L300P-150LFU2, ATV12P037F1, 3G3PV-B2750, M100-02400018A, SMC920075, 3G3RV-B4550, E2 Mini-S1L, ATV61QC20N4, CIMR-VC4A0001HAA, CFW100073SDPLZ, ATV61ES5C22N4, ATV61WD18N4A24, и др. Prom Electric
  • Добрый день. Реализуем услуги: ремонт силовой электроники, автоматизация технологических процессов, ремонт частотных преобразователей, ремонт промышленной электроники, ремонт устройств плавного пуска, модернизация промышленного оборудования, наладка промышленной автоматики: CIMR MTII 5.5, CIMRL7Z20227A, MA7200-2020-N4, ATV71HD45Y, ATV61EXC5C13Y, E1-9011 003H, MA7200-4030-N1, ATV32H037N4, CIMR-F7Z40151B, EQ5-2007-N1, FR-E520-2.2K, ATV71HU40N4Z, ATV61HD30Y, EI-P7002-060H, CIMRG7C20900B, CIMRV7CC45P51, CIMR M5N 23P7, FR-E720-015SC, FR-A520-7.5K, C1MR-L7Z4011, M400-084001340A, CIMR-XCBA20P4, FR-E740-230, CIMR-E7Z40900B, SJ300-1100HFU, EQ5-4125-C, ATV212HU40M3X, QMP700A4R, M810-05200250A, ATV312HD11N4, CIMRF7Z47P51B, SMC931000, CIMR-F7C22P21, M400-02400023A, EQ7-4150-C, ATV31C075N4, ATV61HD75N4, CIMR-G7C40180B, ATV12H037M2TQ, CIMR-F7Z40371A, ATV61EXS5C25N4, L100-022NFU, FR-A740-04320, L300P-1100HFU2, SMC932000-P, M810-06200330A, FR-F720-00490, CIMRV7CC40P77, C102001, CIMR-G7C20151B, EQ7-2005-C, EQ7-4125-C, ATV61HD75M3X, GP102030, ATV61HC31N4D, PA7300-4075-N1, SMC930400-P, EQ5-2003-N1, M700-08201160A, GP1020021, EI-9011-007H, EI-P7012-020H, P3-E520-0.75K, 3G3RV-B2750, ATV71WU30N4A24, M400-02400013A, CFW100040SAPLZ, CIMR MTIII 15, MA7200-2010-N1, VZAB0P1EAA, SMC920030-P, E1-9013 800H, FR-V540L-132K, IMS20034-V5-C24-F1-E4, VZA40P2BAA, ATV71EXC2C40Y, ATV212HD11N4, CIMRG7C20300B, M810-03400045A, EQ5-4040-C, CIMR-F7C45P51, M810-06400350A, VZA43P0BAA, FR-E720-080SC, CIMRG7C43000B, SMC940200-P, ATV71HU30Y, EI-7011-200H, VFD015M21A, FR-U120-1.5K-UL, ATV312HD11M3, CIMR-G7A40P41, WJ200-022LF, CIMRJ7AC40P40, CIMR-VCBA0012JAA, ATV61HD30N4Z, FR-V240E-1.5K, 3G3RV-A4037, M200-02400013A, M600-03200106A, и др. Prom Electric
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