Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church

A Lutheran (LCMS) church in Chattanooga, TN

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904 Harris Ln
Chattanooga, TN 37412


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Who We Are

Spirit of Joy Fellowship Lutheran Church is a gathering of Christians who worship together in a house each Sunday morning. We are a "house-church fellowship" of Jesus' disciples!

We are a chartered Lutheran congregation of the LCMS, led and empowered by Almighty God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Jesus designed His church with three purposes: To love God. To love Others. To make disciples. We follow Jesus in His work for eternity - and He blesses us with a spirit of joy which is celebrated on Sunday mornings and every day!

The Lord Jesus leads us to "Make disciples who make disciples" as we lead people to the joy of new life in Jesus Christ.

Spirit of Joy congregation equips, grows and sends disciples into our communities with the incarnate Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus Christ.

All disciples of Jesus are ministers! The Holy Spirit works through us in outreach ministries such as: transformation of addicted lives; on-going personal encouragement of elderly people in assisted living; redeeming prisoners from North Korea; fresh water for third world villages; food for homeless people in our community; and more.

We are not looking for more church members! We are seeking people who are open to GROW and GO as disciples of Jesus - wherever He wants us to serve.

We invite you to visit a Spirit of Joy gathering if the Lord urges you.

Jesus says: "Come and see!"

About Us

Casual, Down to Earth, Spirit-filled, Friendly, Progressive, Neighborhood-focused, Multigenerational

Community Service, Addiction/Recovery, Missions, Adult Education

Passionate Reverent, Traditional Hymns, Contemporary, Hillsong-style, Organ

Lutheran (LCMS)





904 Harris Ln
Chattanooga, TN 37412


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Our Services

What are services like?
There is awareness and celebration of the Holy Spirit's presence, as promised! Informally led, yet containing the following ingredients within the services: Prayer - Scripture readings - Confession of sins and assurance of forgiveness - In place of a preached sermon, a message is presented directly from scripture usually by our designated pastor/deacon, plus a lot of participation open to anyone with comments or questions relevant to the message - several worship and praise songs or hymns - and a Community Life Time where people share experiences of God's work in or through their life this week. There is a worship plan each week but it is always open to the prompting and re-direction of the Holy Spirit.

What is the community like?
It is like an extended family, and yet guests frequently mention that they feel personally drawn into personal interaction with our disciple-members. We don't recruit guests for future membership. But there is an expressed desire to minister to the needs and struggles guests have in their lives. Often times, when an urgent and/or severe condition is shared the body will break into prayer on behalf of that person. People participate in almost all parts of worship services. The service is not a situation where one person leads everything and everyone else is a spectator. Every disciple-member of Spirit of Joy is open to the Holy Spirit's leading and empowerment for calls into a personal ministry. Over 90% of our people are involved to some degree in our prison ministry and drug/alcohol recovery ministry. Formerly incarcerated inmates from our recovery ministry tend to feel comfortable and accepted in our Sunday worship and other fellowship activities. Several people serve as a Coach to recovering addicts and are in daily contact with them. It is a great place to grow as a disciple of Jesus. Some people join us for a season and then return to their previous church with a readiness to make disciples there, who will make disciples.

What if I'm not a Christian?
We will not focus on you as a target for conversion and permanent church membership. We do not change what we are doing as you join us in our worship of the Almighty God we have come to know and experience as Jesus our brother, Jesus our SAVIOR AND LORD. In other words, we will just be who we are, and you are invited to observe or participate to any extent you find comfortable. It's like Jesus once said to some guys who were curious about Him and His disciples: "Come and see," You will get a good dose of God's Word - without hype. Just hope and truth!

What Members Say

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  • Friends, I write on behalf of a man imprisoned nearby in Rock Spring, GA who presently is working on his Associate’s Degree in Theology through ICCS, tailored to the Missouri Synod. The man’s name is Christopher Carniero. I met him through the mentor ministry over which I have some leadership responsibility. We had him placed with Pastor Chris Sheets of Good Shepherd Lutheran, but Pastor Sheets’ present responsibilities has made it difficult to continue with young Mr. Carniero. We were about to place Mr. Carniero with a retired Presbyterian pastor, until he asked me to reach out to other Lutheran churches in the area to see if there is not another man who could take him him on as a mentor and then further assist him with his studies. Would you or someone please contact me so we could discuss this further? The prison is Walker State Faith and Character Based Prison, the only prison of its kind in Georgia and one of the few like it in the nation or world. Our Community Mentoring Ministry is interdenominational under the auspices of the Metanoia Ministries, the national prison ministry of Presbyterian Church in America. Going on our eighth year, we mentor fully one-third of the men at Walker from 75 different churches. Not only would it be vital for Mr. Carniero's long term spiritual health and well being, perhaps you would like to hear personnaly from us about what this ministry could mean to your men. My name is Alan Bonderud and I can be reached at 423/903-3700. Many thanks. Only by grace, Alan
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