Seven Mile Road Church

Who We Are

a gospel-centered church on mission to greater boston

We long to be about coming alongside people in their journey, extending grace, living and declaring the wonderful and surprising truth about Jesus and His Gospel that has come to us in the Scriptures, seeing souls redeemed for His glory and their joy, and watching those whom God has graced being sent on mission back to the places they are from and beginning the redemptive cycle all over again.

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  • 10:00am - Service

What to Expect

What are services like?
Every Sunday, each Seven Mile Road congregation gathers for a corporate worship service to sit under the preached Word and share in the sacrament of Jesus’ meal, as Christians have been doing for millennia. This rhythm of being with Jesus’ people on Jesus’ day under Jesus’ Word at Jesus’ table is an integral part of our lives. We come in response to the invitation of our Father, and our hope is to find appropriate response to the action of the Triune God in our lives, our church, and this world. There is nowhere we would rather be on Sunday, the day the Spirit raised the Son from death in victory over sin, than with each other, reveling in His gracious work for us.

What is the community like?
The gospel life is more than mere attendance at a weekly event; it is a life lived in community with other believers. And so we have multiple smaller communities of Seven Milers who are sharing life together on a perpetual basis. These gospel communities are places where friendships are birthed, the Word is opened, sin in confessed, the poor are served, prayers are prayed, neighborhoods are loved, meals are shared, needs are met, souls are strengthened, and so on, all with a missional intentionality built in.

What if I'm not a Christian?
We'd love for you to get a chance to share a meal, watch a Sox game, or serve your neighborhood with one of our gospel communities. What you'll see is a bunch of different folks from different places and different backgrounds being made into a family through the blood of Christ. And, of course you're welcome to join us on a Sunday at 10am.

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