Radical Living

A Mennonite church in Brooklyn, NY
Radical Living

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32 Hart Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206



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Who We Are

Radical Living is a Christ-centered cohousing community located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. We are a multicultural, intergenerational and ecumenical community of artists, workers and students that includes singles and families. There are several households connected to Radical Living. All of the houses are located within a one-block radius of each other, and function as one community with more than 20 members. In essence we are dedicated to living a meditative, prophetic and prayerful life, centered in Christ, engaged in our neighborhood, concerned with social justice, and led by the Holy Spirit.

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  • Radical Living is a community full of wonderful folks. Earlier this summer, they welcomed me in for their weekly dinner. I felt immediately at ease and among friends, even though I was meeting each of them for the first time. That there is this intentional community of great friends, being the Church together in Bed-Stuy, is a very hopeful thing.
  • RL is one of the most diverse and community driven Christian Intentional Communities in America! I truly admire Jason & Vonetta's dedication to justice and as a native Brooklynite it means a lot for me to know they are serving with the borough.
  • RL gathers together in homes, local businesses, and events. It is a very ecumenical intentional community in that the membership is centered on Christ and many participate and/or are members of other church congregations. Christ is working in many ways on each and every one of us as we fellowship and pray and eat and worship and learn together!
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