Providence Presbyterian Church

A Nondenominational church in Nederland, TX

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5315 N Twin City Hwy
Nederland, TX 77627-3156



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Similar churches often offer music styles like contemporary, traditional hymns, and praise and worship. Programs like nursery, children's ministry, community service, missions, and choir are also typical. by FaithStreet

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Clay Faulk

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  • Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ To the Pastor or Leader I'm a fellow believer in Christ, and the Holy Spirit has put on my heart, a burden for the Body of Christ (the church no matter the type), for many years, most of the pieces have been brought together by the Holy Spirit. I ask that you take a moment and pray before reading any further, and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance as to what you need to share with your place of worship. The most important message besides salvation is the imminent return of our Savior Jesus Christ. Matthew 24 Mark 13 Luke 21 This very important message needs to be integrated into the sermons that are taught, and shared with surrounding churches and their communities. Salvation is an important topic, however there is one subject that is easily overlooked and that is the subject of prophecy and how it relates to the Return of our Savior. When Israel became a nation back in 1967 after the 6 day war, and retook Jerusalem. Jesus himself says in Matthew 24: 34 I've learned that Apostles, Prophets, Preachers, Teachers, that their heart is worked on 1st and foremost, and they deliver the message to the assembly. This is found in 1st Corinthians 12 where the Apostle Paul shares an important truth for the body of believers. It is also shown in Exodus 24. When Moses went up the mountain and he met GOD, he then took the message to the people. We as the body have been given much grace towards our sinful natures, but ONE day it will be over and hat will be on the Lords Day Joel and Acts Chapter 2, a portion of scripture that is repeated 2 times. 2 witnesses both OLD and New testament. In Revelations 22 verse 11 there is a description of 4 different types of people in the Body of Christ, verse 11 the wrong, the vile, the right, the holy. Only our Heavenly Father knows who will accept Him. However in 2nd Timothy 2 there is a calling to share Sound Doctrine and with out this, itchy ears begin to abound. All you can do is stick to the truth of the WORD. For as the Lord God Himself shares, that the Leaders are responsible to Him who sits on the Throne Revelation 5:13, and this is the duty of sound doctrine Titus 2. Jesus Himself says He is coming soon and His reward is with Him to give to everyone according to what they have done. There is a real lack of reverence for the Lord Jesus in the church today, which does go along with 1st Thessalonians 4:13-18 and 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-12 these speak about the Godlessness around the globe. My heart has been heavy regarding the reverence for the TRINITY (God Almighty, Jesus the Son, Holy Spirit) with in our churches. This is just a reminder to get back to Prayer, Repentance, Fasting, which will lead to a real revival with in your church. The altar needs to be open early Sunday, or when you have service until after the evening service, and or as your led by the Spirit of God. The one of many promises for the child of God who believe by faith. The Holy Spirit will move like never before once this starts like at Pentecost from Acts 2. After all are we really ready to meet God? Are we preparing for a future here or THERE? How effective would we like to be for those around us? Because when we pass on, that is it, nothing more we can do, so with the time we have what are we doing with that? ..... Too many to list are some of the websites I have been led to by the Holy Spirit. My wife opened my eyes through globaldisasterwatch and I use , and there are a host of others, like I mentioned too many to list, all found on the net. In closing, We who are living today are seeing too many prophetic events unfold before our eyes, whether it be local, national, or inter-national, it is clearly around us. Let us seek the Lords' face like never before. As Jesus Himself says in Revelation 2:7 He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. If in fact you are adhering to sound doctrine, keep on sharing the truth of the word, For this is the Word of the Lord for the Church
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